Sugaring Specialist Opens in Downtown Bend Oregon

Midnight Sugar Company Owner, Adrienne Cone

Midnight Sugar Company will offer full menu of organic hair removal services utilizing the sugaring technique

BEND, OREGON, USA, January 31, 2017 / — Midnight Sugar Company, the first sugaring specialist in Central Oregon, is now open for hair removal services. Starting with a no nonsense atmosphere in a convenient location, a superior, organic sugaring product hand-made by the owner, and a variety of hair removal services, the new company fills a need in the region for this service. Sugaring is a hair removal technique that's been practiced for centuries around the world to remove body hair from the roots.

Midnight Sugar Company was started by experienced cosmetologist, Adrienne Cone, who’s been working in the beauty industry for more than 14 years and certified in sugaring for the past three years. A Central Oregon native, Adrienne noticed that few if any spas or beauticians in the area were offering sugaring as an option for hair removal. She wanted to provide a one-stop-shop in the area for clients in need of a quick clean up or complete overhaul – with a focus solely on hair removal, rather than it being an add-on service at a salon that caters to other beauty needs first.

“I knew that between my years of experience and my natural hair removal sugar I would be able to offer something of value to my home state,” says Adrienne. “It’s rewarding when I have clients tell me my hair removal service is the best they’ve ever had.”

Adrienne started creating her own sugaring product shortly after she became certified, when she couldn’t find a product on the market that met her expectations. She crafts her signature sugar recipe using only three key organic ingredients: lemon juice, sugar and water. Sugaring originated as an ancient middle-eastern practice, where the simple sugar paste is made to remove the hair follicle from the root. For many clients with sensitive skin, sugaring is far less painful with better, longer lasting results than traditional waxing services.

Adrienne uses a technique where she spreads her handmade paste on skin and removes it with soft cotton strips in the direction of hair growth (lessening pull on the skin). This approach gives Adrienne greater control over the removal process with more precise results for her clients.

A current client was relieved when Adrienne opened Midnight Sugar Company in Bend, “When I moved here from out-of-state, I had to go two years without sugaring because it wasn’t an option at any of the local spas or services,” she states, “It was a relief to big able to get back on a regular hair removal schedule with sugar – which works much better with my sensitive skin than regular waxing.”

Midnight Sugar Company is now open in Downtown Bend at 731 NW Franklin Suite 106.
You can reach Adrienne at, 541-640-9090, or visit the website On social at: and

ALERT: Midnight Sugar Company will be running a “Gimme Some Sugar” 30% Off Valentine’s Special starting February 1, 2017. Discount taken at time of service.

Michelle Andre
Media Contact
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Diplomacy works! A message to Donald Trump by Walter Mzembi, African Union Candidate for UNWTO Secretary General

A wholesale ban on travel which does not differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate tourism will have far-reaching consequences on the global tourism economy.”

— Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi, African Union candidate for UNWTO SG

HARARE, ZIMBABWE, January 31, 2017 / — The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) earlier issued a statement on the recent executive order by US President Donald Trump on restricting travel to the United States from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen.

While none of the candidates running for the post of Secretary General of UNWTO has said anything, the Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi, the African Union candidate, again has taken the lead for a pro-active approach and issued a strong statement:

Recent Executive Decisions by the U.S. Administration effective 27th January 2017 have generated global debate, anxiety, reciprocal action and consequently engendered unprecedented apprehension in the global tourism industry. For a period of 120 days, the temporary order suspends entry of any refugees into the U.S. It also prohibits all Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. until further notice. Additionally, it bans the citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries—Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen—from entering the U.S. on any visa category, which include those travelling on tourism purposes. While it is too soon to determine if the Executive Order impacts tourism, it has certainly generated a crisis of confidence in the travel-market attendant with negative reputational implications on the ‘American Dream.’ America was founded on the basis of its openness to immigration-all of ‘us’ searching for this now increasingly elusive dream.

Tourism is one of the largest sectors in the U.S.A. making a total contribution of 1.47 trillion U.S. dollars to its GDP in 2014, and it is forecast to reach 2.25 trillion U. S. dollars in 2025, based on a policy thrust by the last administration, on visa facilitation and travel liberalization. That policy thrust gave hope to a world gravitating towards more openness in travel business with many regions advocating strongly for seamless travel in order to boost tourism performance and benefit local economies in a world beset by economic meltdown and commodity price downturn. It is pertinent to note that the travel GDP of the U.S. is equivalent to direct exports of the entire global tourism sector of US1, 5 trillion as at 2015!

Tourism boasted virtually uninterrupted growth over time, despite occasional shocks, demonstrating the sector’s strength and resilience. International tourist arrivals have over time increased from 25 million globally in 1950 to 1, 24 billion in 2016. Likewise, international tourism receipts earned by destinations worldwide have surged from US$ 2 billion in 1950 to US$1.7 trillion in 2016. Employing 1 in every 11 people equivalent to 288 million jobs directly and indirectly with the U.S.A. alone accounting for 6 million jobs. In addition to receipts earned in destinations, international tourism also generated US$ 211 billion in exports through international passenger transport services rendered to non-residents in 2016, bringing the total value of tourism exports up to US$ 1.5 trillion, or US$ 4 billion a day on average. International tourism now represents 7% of total world’s exports and 30% of services exports (World Tourism Barometer, 2016), up from 6% in 2014 as tourism has grown faster than world trade over the past four years.
As a worldwide export category, tourism ranks third after fuels and chemicals and ahead of food and automotive products. In many developing countries, tourism ranks as the first export sector.

Clearly, tourism’s importance cannot be under-estimated, and that also behooves us to ensure travel is facilitated optimally, and we all have a stake to enable legitimate tourism in the midst of this crisis. The Executive Order seem to be at odds with the pledge to stimulate the US economy by reducing its trade deficit and increasing exports. Travel expenditure by foreigners in the USA and any destination for that matter is captured as export proceeds, so actions that stymie tourism are direct impediments to exports and will exacerbate the trade deficit. Over and above its positive economic impacts, tourism is one of the sectors contributing to U. S socio-economic development since it increasingly allows citizens to become aware of other people’s cultures, thereby symbolically inculcating cultural tolerance, social harmony and co-existence. Even when nation states are in a state of fall-out, the tourism bridge should never be collapsed as it allows for an effective people to people diplomacy – the most effective diplomacy, and more so in this IT age.

A wholesale ban on travel which does not differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate tourism will have far-reaching consequences on the global tourism economy – hence my concern as current Chair of the UNWTO Regional Commission for Africa, and three-time past President of the U. S based Corporate Council for Africa’s Travel Association, in which capacities, for the past nine years, I have lobbied, advocated and promoted travel between Africa and the U.S.A.

The social and cultural traditions and practices of all peoples, including those of minorities and indigenous peoples should be celebrated and recognized in terms of their worth, and barring other nationalities arising out of insecurity fears may not be the best option to guarantee peace in destinations. Seamless travel through safe, secure and seamless borders, must be our common objective imploring us in the process to exercise restraint where this is threatened by avoiding reciprocal action. An ‘eye for an eye’ approach will leave the world blind. In fact, travel should be used to secure peace, tolerance and understanding through greater interaction of humanity.

Equally the perennially nagging question of migration in the Americas, and within Europe itself, cannot find answers in restricting movement of other nationalities nor the building of walls, literal or figurative, or in reversing the gains of openness that we have achieved in the last decade. Part of the solution as a key component of my candidature proposition, certainly, lies in recognizing and proactively promoting tourism as an effective vehicle for job-creation and economic empowerment, building common understanding and ultimately the promotion of peace. The 1, 24 billion people who traversed the world in 2016 reached their destinations as peace ambassadors with their capital spent in destinations of their choice.

It is on the basis of the peace-building characteristics of this sector that I have a value proposition that seeks to bring into the fold of the UNWTO, principally the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and others, to induce a sense of universality and inclusivity: for it can only be on this basis that lasting solutions to the challenges can be found.

It is my sincere hope that this temporary measure is temporary for real, and that the prescribed120 days will afford all concerned parties ample time for deeper reflection and more widespread consultations – including with institutions such as the UNWTO which maybe in a position to offer wise, practical and impartial counsel.

For further details about my value proposition, I refer you to my website with the full outline of my vision for global tourism and how we can use it to secure peace for the globe as an extension of the use of soft power, a philosophy I have advocated time and again as an indispensable adjunct to the use of hard-power.

Diplomacy works!

Hon. Walter Mzembi
Zimbabwe Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry
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KeysCaribbean Resorts Offers Special Discounts for February Fun in the Florida Keys

KeysCaribbean’s Mariner’s Resort Villas & Marina in the Florida Keys

Discounts from KeysCaribbean celebrate fun Florida Keys events such as a longstanding art festival, a lionfish derby, and a house and garden tour.

KEY LARGO, FLORIDA, USA, January 31, 2017 / — February in the Florida Keys features fun events to be found only in the tropical islands off Florida’s southern tip. KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas salutes four unique Keys events and features special offers to enjoy a getaway to the Keys in February.

"The Longer You Stay in Paradise, The More You Save" special discount offers a lower nightly rate for each additional day booked, and guests can receive generous rates of up to 50 percent off, or complimentary night stays at all KeysCaribbean luxury resorts all season. There is also an advance booking special that requires no deposit until two weeks prior to arrival date; plus a 100 percent cancellation guarantee.

February in the Florida Keys features such fun events as a longstanding art festival, a derby to remove an invasive species, a house and garden tour, and family-oriented fishing tournament.

Artists and craftspeople are to exhibit their work at the 23rd annual Pigeon Key Art Festival Feb. 4 and 5 at the Marathon Community Park, MM 49. The art festival includes live music and delicious food. Marine artist Wyland plans be on hand to create ink paintings to be auctioned live as part of the annual fundraiser. At the Festival, guests will find exhibits and displays, touch tanks, hands-on activities and even a puppet show that bring marine and wildlife education to life. Event proceeds from benefit the Pigeon Key Foundation. Attendees and participants will find luxury Florida Keys accommodations available at Coral Lagoon Resort Villas & Marina and Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina in Marathon, and Village at Hawks Cay Villas & Marina in Duck Key. The resorts offer with free Wi-Fi Internet and free unlimited local and long distance calls, as well as the up to 50 percent special discount. Guests can also receive a complimentary night with a minimum stay of three nights at Village at Hawks Cay or five nights at Coral Lagoon or Indigo Reef.

During the Lionfish Derby for Divers in Key Largo Feb. 11, teams of up to four divers compete for cash and prizes. Derby divers who successfully remove invasive lionfish from sanctuary waters can win for most, largest and smallest lionfish. Divers can participate in a derby from their own private vessel or join a professional dive operator's charter. Participants can enjoy luxury Key Largo accommodations at Mariner’s Resort Villas & Marina, including courtesy Wi-Fi Internet and unlimited local and long distance calls. There is also an up-to-50-percent-off special discount and every fourth night is on-the-house with a minimum three night stay.

Tour a series of elegant and unique private homes of Key West during the 57th annual Key West House and Garden Tour Feb. 17 and 18. The tour includes a range of exquisite restorations to creative renovations, and the interior design that complements their architecture and adds a unique Key West flavor. Proceeds help benefit the Old Island Restoration Foundation.

The Islamorada Winter Classic Feb. 24-26 is a family-formatted boat tournament that features nine offshore target species. Trophies are to be offered top boats in weight and release categories, as well as private vessel and charter divisions. A junior release division is also planned for anglers up to age 12, and teen division for anglers between 13-19 years of age. Participants can enjoy stellar Islamorada accommodations at Angler's Reef Resort Villas & Marina, which offers all the amenities of a classic sport-fishing resort.

"February brings events that are unique to the Florida Keys and our guests can take advantage of great deals, including our special discount of up to 50 percent off our normal rates, as well as our complimentary night stay packages and advance booking rate," said Sam Schorr, KeysCaribbean managing director.

Discounts are subject to availability. Some restrictions apply to the 100 percent cancellation guarantee. To receive the advance booking special, booking must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival date. Complimentary night stays require minimum night stays, have limited availability and certain restrictions apply. Please see the KeysCaribbean website for more details. For reservations book direct at or call 305.853.5000.

About KeysCaribbean
KeysCaribbean is a dynamic, boutique resort company specializing in operating Florida Keys resort villas and marinas from Key Largo to Key West. CEO Craig Hunt, the former vice chairman of Intercontinental Hotel Group and past president of Holiday Inn Worldwide, along with managing director Sam Schorr, possess more than 60 years of experience in operating and marketing unique and exclusive destination resorts and marinas.

KeysCaribbean is committed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Green Lodging Florida program. Mariner's Resort Villas & Marina is designated as a Green Lodging property by the Florida Green Lodging Program.

Nancy Glasgow
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Jamaican Oceanfront Resort Project Secures $500M Funding Agreement from Capital Corp Merchant Banking

capital corp merchant banking, project financing, caribbean

capital corp merchant banking, project financing, caribbean, jamaica

capital corp merchant banking, real estate project financing, caribbean, jamaica

The resort aims to attract a luxury clientele, with five-star accommodations, amenities, and real estate properties.

Jamaica’s close proximity to the United States makes it especially well-positioned to benefit from the upsurge in the luxury travel market.”

— Capital Corp Merchant Banking

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — The $500 million project consists of an oceanfront resort comprising a five-star hotel, a host of amenities (pool, entertainment, dining, shopping, spa), as well as a considerable luxury real estate development with numerous properties of varying types (condos, townhomes, and villas). Jamaica’s tourism industry has been on an upward trend, with increased stopovers in 2016 and an impressive increase in cruise tourism that climbed into the double digits. And with a 48% increase in the last five years, luxury travel is a lucrative market that outpaces all other types of foreign trips, Jamaica’s close proximity to the United States makes it especially well-positioned to benefit from the upsurge in the luxury travel market as the US is in fact the largest source market for luxury travel in the world, with 9.2 million foreign luxury trip in 2014, and holidays abroad account for 74% of all luxury trips. What’s more, luxury second-home markets in particular have seen an average of a 10% increase in year-on-year sales, on pace with growth in primary markets of 7% on average.

The method by which this project is to be funded is the brainchild of Mr Gilles Herard. Mr Herard is a seasoned merchant banker and has been in the banking industry for 38 years. As the head of Capital Corp Merchant Banking, Mr Herard has become a leading figure in international middle-market project funding and engineers all funding structures for projects at Capital Corp. Mr Herard has received numerous awards for his work and other contributions including being appointed to the Presidential Business Commission, Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council, nominated as Executive of the Year by the internationally acclaimed National Register’s Who’s Who, and having received the Senatorial Medal of Freedom, among many others.

About Capital Corp Merchant Banking: Capital Corp Merchant Banking offers quality Merchant Banking services for a variety of projects worldwide. Capital Corp Merchant Banking is solution-oriented and known for being the most flexible Funding Source on the Market in creating handcrafted investment structures to meet the needs of the different constituent groups in each individual transaction, including general project funding, equity funding, debt restructuring, and real estate development. For further information, please visit our website.

CCMB Business Development Department
Capital Corp Merchant Banking
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Amor Latino – Spice Up Your Valentine's Day!

Feb 12 Artists – North South Consonance

Vocalists Celia Castro, Anna Tonna and Celeste Mann join pianist Max Lifchitz for songs of love and longing from Spain and the Americas.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, January 26, 2017 / — Vocalists Celia Castro, Anna Tonna and Celeste Mann join forces with
pianist Max Lifchitz the afternoon of February 12 for an afternoon
recital featuring art songs about love and longing by composers from
Spain and the Americas.

The intimate, pre-valentine's day, one off-a-kind program, will highlight songs with texts
in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian by Brazilians Chiquinha Gonzaga
and Claudio Santoro; Peruvian Clotilde Arias; and Spaniard JoaquÍn

Of special interest, will be the premiere of a song cycle especially
written for the occasion by Barcelona-based Miquel Ortega and one by
Max Lifchitz inspired by the poetry of Mexico's muse – the 17th
century intellectual and women's rights activist Sor Juana InÉs de
la Cruz.

The three vocalists and Mr. Lifchitz are available for media events
and interviews and may be contacted via e-mail at

The free-admission concert will start at 3 PM and will be held at the
National Opera Center's Marc A. Scorca Hall located at 330 Seventh
Ave (FL 7) in New York City.

The event is possible in part with public funds from the NYS Council
on the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs as well as
grants from the Women's Philharmonic Advocacy and the Zethus Fund.


Soprano Celia Castro is a graduate of Rutgers University and the
Mannes College of Music. A winner of the NYSTA Young Artists
Competition and the Clarisse Kampel Foundation Prize, Ms. Castro has
appeared in numerous opera and zarzuela productions throughout the
tri-state area, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

"A born star who effectively stole the show" is how the press
describes mezzo-soprano Anna Tonna. Her performances have been
depicted as "…full of charm and magnetism with her dark, compact
lyric mezzo-soprano ideally suited for the flamenco-like vocal
flourishes of Spanish music." Well known for her commitment to the
music of Spain and Latin America, Ms. Tonna was awarded a Fulbright
Scholarship to study and perform in Spain upon her graduation from
the Mannes College of Music.

Contralto Celeste Mann is active in the fields of opera, zarzuela (Spanish operetta),
art song and sacred music. A graduate of Yale University, her international engagements
include covering the role of Lily (Porgy & Bess) at Teatr Wielki, Poland,
at Saarema Opera Festival, and at Latvia's National Opera House.
A dynamic performer with a rare and beautiful voice,
Ms. Mann brings intelligence, creativity and an engaging stage presence,
and a commitment to "opera as theatre" to her roles.

Pianist Max Lifchitz has appeared on concert stages throughout
Europe, Latin America and the US. The San Francisco Chronicle
described him as "a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist" while the New
York Times praised him for his "clean, measured and sensitive
performances." Lifchitz appears as collaborative artist and conductor
in over fifty compact disc albums, including nine widely praised solo
albums featuring piano music from the Americas.

For the complete Winter/Spring concert series schedule please visit

To stream, download and/or purchase the more than 60 compact discs
released by the North/South Recordings label please go to

North/South Recordings –

Max Lifchitz
North/South Consonance, Inc
email us here

Anna Tonna Sings Estrellita by Ponce

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West Marine Carolina Cup Adds Trade Show, OC-6, Junior Championship in 2017

Starting lineup for the Graveyard Race – Courtesy of Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club

The West Marine Carolina Cup Expo – Courtesy of Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club

Already one of the biggest and paramount paddle gatherings in the world, the West Marine Carolina Cup is expanding in 2017…

The success of the Carolina Cup is our continued focus on all paddlers from professionals to beginners”

— Mark Schmidt, Race Director

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, USA, January 27, 2017 / — Already one of the biggest and paramount paddle gatherings in the world, the West Marine Carolina Cup is expanding in 2017 with the addition of a one-day retailer-only trade show, a nine-mile outrigger canoe race with six-person teams, and a 6.5-mile junior championship standup paddleboard race for youth under 18.

Organized by the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club and sanctioned by the World Paddle Association, the West Marine Carolina Cup attracted most of the top professional paddlers in the world in 2016, as well as amateur and elite racers from practically every state in the nation. Almost 1,000 people participated in last year’s races and clinics.

The Carolina Cup itinerary incorporates the renowned Graveyard Race, a demanding and grueling 13.2-mile ocean and flatwater race; the Money Island 6.5-mile Open Race; the Harbor Island 3.5-mile Recreational Race; and a very popular Kids Race for children 7 to 14. Competitors include Olympians, world-record holders, champions, professionals, amateurs, and first-time paddlers.

“The success of the Carolina Cup is our continued focus on all paddlers from professionals to beginners,” said Mark Schmidt, race director. “The sport isn’t strictly about the pros. It’s about the everyday paddler, people new to the sport, and the youth. We accommodate everybody at Carolina Cup.”

Presented by Surftech, the five-day West Marine Carolina Cup returns to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, April 19-23, 2017. All races, clinics, and demos will originate at host hotel Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

“We have so many manufacturers here because of the draw of the Carolina Cup,” said Schmidt. “They want the exposure to the amateur and professional racers as well as retailers on the East Coast.”

Thursday, April 20, over 50 exhibitors will be open to retailers only, re-opening for retailers and the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The expo and demos are free of charge.

“Paddlers have a great opportunity to try many brands of boards and paddles and ask questions directly to the manufacturers and pros,” said Schmidt. “There’s not another race or place on the East Coast where you can see and test such a wide variety of product and get this kind of feedback.”

Workshops on the agenda include one-on-one clinics, World Paddle Association certifications, paddling techniques, racing preparation, equipment selection, flatwater racing, ocean racing, surfski and kayak technique and racing, pre-race paddle tours of local waters, with more to be finalized in the coming weeks.

Clinic instructors from Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Hawaii, California, and North Carolina include iconic professional paddlers Annabel Anderson, Connor Baxter, Candice Appleby, Michael Booth, Sonni Honscheid, Travis Grant, Titouan Puyo, Danny Ching, Dan Gavere, Jesse Lishchuk, Zane Schweitzer, April Zilg, and more.

A portion of event funds will benefit the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect and restore water quality and critically important natural habitats of the North Carolina coast.

Event Registration

Hotel Information

Media Site


Mark Schmidt
Race Director
Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club
P: 910-620-1835

Robert B Butler
Communications | PR
P: 919-455-8345

#Carolina Cup #StandUpPaddleboard #SUP #GraveyardRace #WrightsvilleBeach #NorthCarolina #WestMarine #SurfTech #WBPC #BlockadeRunner #OC6 #Surfski

Robert B Butler
North Carolina Press Release
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Former China Wushu Head Coach Junfeng Li Healing of the Heart Sheng Zheng Qigong Training 7 Days – A Rare Opportunity

Eastover, Lenox Mansion

Eastover’s totally renovated nostalgic Berkshire Summer Cottage

Master Junfeng Li - Founder of Sheng Zhen

Junfeng Li

Sheng Zhen Qigong w Junfeng Li

Collect Qi to Dantian

March 31 – 7th, 2017, Coach of 100+ Gold Medals and of Many known Kung Fu Masters & Actors including Jet Li, Donnie Yen

We are infinitely free beings, embodiment of love on every level, sparks of the divine, perfect and full”

— Junfeng Li

LENOX, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2017 / — Junfeng Li is a highly cultivated Martial Arts and Qigong Master, will be 80 years young 2017, teaching programs around the world. Master Li was the famous head coach of China's National Martial Arts Team when 100+ young students won gold medals while training with him. He acted in and directed several martial arts films, and was an overnight sensation for playing the main role in the award-winning popular film "Wu Ling Zhi" – Legends of [Martial Arts] Heroes. Master Li also taught Jet Li, Donnie Yen and many other famous Kung Fu movie stars. Many students follow his teaching, not because he is famous, but for his modesty and humility and the healing effect of Sheng Zhen Gong. It’s a rare opportunity to be with him for 7 days at Eastover, Lenox, MA, this coming spring, March 31 – April 7.
Sheng Zhen Gong is a method of self-healing, often referred to as "the qigong of Unconditional Love." It involves a series of moving and non-moving forms, all designed to remove negative energy or "qi" and gather positive healing energy. The movements and contemplations of Sheng Zhen Gong help re-create that deep sense of inner peace we experienced as a small child. As the body softens and negative emotions are released, one experiences a feeling of perfect harmony with the universe.

7 Day Healing of the Heart – Sheng Zhen Healing Gong w Junfeng Li
Date: March 31-7,2017
EB Dis: $100 off, 20% off R&B
Location: 430 East Street, Lenox, MA
Tuition: $170 – $695.00 (1-7 days) – all inclusive on booking page.
Contact Info: 866-264-5139 –
Online Brochure:
Master Li’s continued search for internal peace and cultivation of Internal Qi has brought him awareness and deep connection with the universe. He was “chosen” to receive and pass on Heavenly QiGong/TaiChi teachings in the lineage of Lao Tzu, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Muhammad and other divine spirits. These teachings include a philosophy that calls for the unification of all religions, caring for the planet and saving the environment.
China was not ready to receive what he had to offer then, so Master Li was called to travel to the Philippines to start his teaching work. With his wife and two young children at home, Junfeng Li quit his Head Coach position with the Chinese government, forgoing his retirement/pension plan and traveled to the Philippines, trusting support would be there when he arrived.
With such trust in divine consciousness, Master Li spent 14 years in the Philippines, where he began his lifetime dedication to teach Sheng Zhen Gong–the qigong of unconditional love that brings happiness and the “wisdom of life” to all. In 2002, Master Li came to the United States and has been teaching here ever since.
Sheng Zhen empowers and transforms lives. As the editor of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuangong, Anabel Alejandrino said: "It is through practice that one is led naturally into one's own perfect love in the heart. More than just a healing tool for the body and the emotions, I have found that not only do the movements almost magically become the tools with which we can become the person we all want to be, but also our capacity to enjoy life with its ups and downs is enhanced and magnified. Li Junfeng is a living example of this".
To practice Sheng Zhen is to enter into a “Sheng Zhen state” Anabel said: “As one learns to let go so that the wisdom of Qi takes over, life’s journey becomes a road of letting go of fears we hold in our bodies, concepts that render our minds inflexible, feelings in our hearts that we are attached to, and programming in our subconscious that holds us back. In so doing, we make way for what we truly are in essence – infinitely free beings, embodiment of love on every level, sparks of the divine, perfect and full. It is this experience that the practice of Sheng Zhen Gong brings. Ultimately, the practice is a key into one’s own heart, which enables one to walk into their own light. In this process, love for oneself becomes a tangible reality. This in turn leads to loving others unconditionally. These are the building blocks to a world of love – to a Sheng Zhen World.”

EASTOVER is a 600-acre sanctuary and residential holistic retreat center with a sun drenched café, juice bar, library, terrace, affordable and luxury accommodations, right in the cultural hub of the Berkshires – minutes from Tanglewood, Norman Rockwell museum, & other cultural venues. It’s an ideal location for teachers, groups, organizations and companies seeking retreat and training. At the same time its enormous grounds can accommodate festivals with thousands of people. Dedicated to facilitating ecological and holistic retreats and group training, we offer spacious program/studio facilities – including commercial kitchens for cooking classes, and a wide range of overnight accommodations to suit everyone’s budget.
Eastover is not affiliated with any specific spiritual tradition. Its eclectic open-hearted receptivity to a broad array of groups and teachers aims to support the continuing emergence of holistic and ecological ideas capable of renewing our culture and leading the way to a sustainable planet.
Sitting on an environmentally sensitive property, Eastover “walks the walk and talks the talk.” After 4 years of design and permit acquisitions and 1 year of construction, its state-of-the art greenhouse water reclamation system will be in commission soon, The facility adds great value to Eastover’s educational initiative and is a response to the potential threat of water shortage in the world, encouraging individuals not only take responsibility for their personal health, but also the health of the planet. The Eco-system does not use any chemicals and converts CO2 to oxygen during the treatment process.
2017 includes a full spectrum wellness programs, showcasing the diversity of holistic programs facilitated by Eastover ranging from accommodating small groups of 20-30 people to large events with thousands of people. Please visit

yingxing wang
Founder Eastover Estate and Retreat
email us here

Heaven Nature Gong – Kuan Ying Standing Qigong

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New Online Booking Engine Offers Rates Better Than Public Booking Engines

Hotels Etc Logo


Public OTA's stop offering discounted travel but now consumers have a way to pay less for bookings then going to the big brands.

Our objective is to help travelers save money so that is what we focus on.”

— Shawn Pigg

LOGANVILLE, GA, 30052, January 26, 2017 / — Press Release: Hotels Etc., the closed loop loyalty reward program that helps people get impressive discounts on travel and hotel stays, is offering impressive discounts off parity rates. Hoteliers are counting on them to sell their inventory faster at discounted rates.
“Most consumers are unaware of the fact that nobody can discount hotels or travel except closed loop programs, membership clubs and or loyalty programs,” says the spokesperson for Hotels Etc. “We have emerged as the favorite destination of holiday travelers because they are assured of finding the best parity rate and loyalty programs here. Even hoteliers are turning to us to help sell their inventory at a discounted rate.”
Rate parity demands are increasing following pressure from regulators across the globe. This situation is allowing hotels to drive guests to OTAs through closed user groups. For the consumers, rate parity gives them that much-needed assurance that they get the best available price.
Hotels Etc. appears to be the right place to book the best hotel rooms at the lowest price even when the holiday and travel season is at its peak. The portal has over two decades of experience in the industry and is the trusted resource of customers looking for low priced hotel bookings.
Hotels Etc. has tie-ups with the top hotels across the globe. Consumers can get the good discounts on hotel stays, condos, resorts, entertainment, fine dining at restaurants, and shopping here.
Most hoteliers and travel sites are not interested in offering discounts to their customers, preferring parity rates instead. They want to make sure that their huge inventory is sold well in advance of the holiday and travel season. They depend on Hotels Etc. to sell their inventory at a discount rate. Consumers who are unaware of these developments could end up paying double the price for a hotel reservation of a trip if they are not careful.
Travelers choosing Hotels Etc. can benefit from the loyalty reward program offered by them and get as much as 70% discount off parity rates.
For more information, visit

Shawn Pigg
Hotels Etc. Inc
email us here

How to find the beset hotel discounts

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Reservation Counter and Reservation Desk Noted for Delivering Great Hospitality through Email Support

Personalized customer support helps leading hotel booking sites add value and standout in customer experience

We appreciate the recognition as it represents our promise to make the booking process easy and offer support 24/7.”

— Jairus Pace, Marketing Manager

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2017 / — When it comes to personalized customer support, Reservation Counter and Reservation Desk have learned what type of information their travelers want personalized. The leading hotel booking sites were recently highlighted by Adestra for “delivering a great hospitality customer experience.”

Reservation Counter and Reservation Desk are part of TravelPass Group, which is recognized for building a technology marketplace with access to more than 1 million properties. It has been featured for organizing the complexities of the hotel distribution system and providing travelers unsurpassed access to hotel choices and offers. Adestra has supported the company’s personalized email communication to travelers.

The customer email effort has focused on timely support to customers so they have the best travel experience possible, including providing an easy way to extend their stay. The effort has been positive with customers receiving the messages and extending their hotel reservations.

“We appreciate the recognition as it represents our promise to make the booking process easy and offer support 24/7,” said Jairus Pace, Marketing Manager with TravelPass Group. “We will further optimize this with other features travelers want to bring more value and deliver a great customer experience.”

TravelPass Group is becoming a leading company in the travel industry with more than 10,000 room nights booked per day and annual sales reaching more than $400 million. Part of the Utah-based company Partner Fusion, TravelPass Group is a marketplace for independent and brand name hotels, wholesalers, and the largest travel agencies, such as Expedia and Priceline. It operates five travel-related websites, including and, and a best-in-class call center that help travelers access more than 1 million properties worldwide.

Jason Burgess
TravelPass Group
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Executive Auto Shippers Earns Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Auto Transport Professionals

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

We work hard to put our customers first, and it’s awards like this that help us know we’re on the right track.”

— Matt Van Gelder, CEO of Executive Auto Shippers

MONROE, IA, US, January 24, 2017 / — Executive Auto Shippers has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2016. This is Executive’s fifth straight year winning the award in multiple categories.

This achievement is particularly significant as Angie’s List experienced unprecedented member growth in 2016. More than 1.6 million consumers, many of whom were eager to quickly hire highly qualified service pros, joined Angie’s List after the company added a new, free membership tier.

“Companies that can meet higher demands without missing a beat in their exemplary performance standards truly do stand apart from their peers,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Only a fraction of the auto transport companies nationwide were able to do it.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade. The SSA winners must also be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

“We are certainly humbled at receiving this award for the fifth year,” said Matt Van Gelder, CEO of Executive. “We work hard to put our customers first, and it’s awards like this that help us know we’re on the right track.”

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For more than 21 years, Angie’s List restricted access to its verified reviews to consumers who paid membership fees. When the company removed that barrier, some companies worried that the new, non-paying members would not be as engaged as members of the past. Experience has shown, however, that these newly added members are just as engaged – across all age groups – as prior members. Also, because the company continues to adhere to its review verification process, there has been no degradation of review quality.

“The biggest change at Angie’s List is that we are connecting even more consumers to high quality service professionals,” Hicks said. “And that’s good for everyone.”

Matthew W Van Gelder
Executive Auto Shippers
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