OctoPlus Media & China Trading Desk Announced Joint Venture – China Data Bank

China Data Bank™

China Data Bank™

OctoPlus Media Global Limited

OctoPlus Media Global Limited

China Data Bank™ is a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers targeting China.

SINGAPORE, February 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — OctoPlus Media & China Trading Desk today announced they have entered into an agreement to create a premier china data solution – China Data Bank™. China Data Bank™ is an unDMP – a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government.

China Data Bank™ will focus on building partnership with various data providers across China to source the best in class data to create bespoke solution for every single advertising campaign. Initial partners for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc.

“We are pleased to announce this new joint venture for China Trading Desk, delivering on our commitment to provide unfettered access to China’s digital advertising ecosystem,” said Subramania Bhatt, Founder & CEO of China Trading Desk. “CTD & OctoPlus Media have been partnering to help our clients create innovative targeting options and niche media targeting for their campaigns & this JV is a natural extension and will strengthen both our solution offerings to our client”

“Together with CTD, we are building the most comprehensive smart audience-centric data solution you can find for China market – China Data Bank. We are happy to see it has delivered good ROI for our clients, significantly reduced ad wastage.” stated Mia Chen, Founder & CEO of OctoPlus Media. “Every data usage will be strictly following the law of China Government, with established data team in Shenzhen all data is only operated in mainland China,”

About OctoPlus Media

OctoPlus Media is an integrated marketing technology company focused on China inbound and outbound marketing. We specialize in helping branding across the world to succeed in China market, with strong focus on performance, data technology, SEO and latest tech such as AR/VR innovations. With our propriety data solution – China Data Bank™, we can help reach the right audience with best-in-class China data assets.

OctoPlus Media is also one of the pioneer agencies becoming WeChat Full Ecosystem Service Provider, providing one-stop WeChat services from social content management, ad campaigns, mini-program development to CRM solution.

OctoPlus Media Global Ltd was founded in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, New York and Singapore.

About China Trading Desk

China Trading Desk is a new kind of marketing solution company focused on China advertising & Chinese travellers. We provide accessible technology to run, monitor & report campaigns effectively & efficiently in China. With our propriety data solution – China Data Bank™, we are able to find the most accurate bespoke data for all China marketing needs. Miaozhen insights are enabled by default for all our campaigns to provide deeper understanding of the target audiences. We are not just focused on technology solution, but also human solution to manage non-technical relationships to ensure we find the right solutions/teams to help deliver effective campaigns in China.

Our other main focus is being global partner for TikTok advertisement. We are one of the few partner with ability to run integrated campaigns across any market including China. TikTok is a destination for short-form videos on mobile phones.

CTD is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


China Trading Desk Contact:
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Mia Chen
E: BD@octoplusmedia.com

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