App Makes a Splash at The Club Malibu 27

Creators Madi Filipowicz and Ashley Wicka at The Club Malibu 27 sponsored by Photo Credit  Matt Sargent

Creators Madi Filipowicz and Ashley Wicka at The Club Malibu 27 sponsored by Photo Credit Matt Sargent

The Club Malibu 27 Private Patio. Photo Credit Matt Sargent

The Club Malibu 27 Private Patio. Photo Credit Matt Sargent

The innovative new social sharing app is leading the charge in creator owned data and imaginative partnerships.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2020 / — As social media dominates life in Pandemic 2020, one social sharing platform moves the needle by putting creators in control. is the next platform you need to be on for four very simple reasons: creator-owned data, revenue sharing, unparalleled creator partnership opportunities, and commitment to the community resulting in the advantage.

Unlike other social media sharing platforms that operate off of a End-User License Agreement (EULA) that gives the platform control over the data that you provide and create's EULA keeps the ownership of creator content in the hands of the creator, not the app. Ownership puts creators and users of in the driver's seat. Ownership is everything. You create it, you control it, you own it.

Why do you want to own your data and content? It comes down to dollars. In the age of the Influencer, social media is not just a way to connect with friends and family. It has become a legitimate business model for Influencer's with high follower counts and engagement rates to post content on a social sharing platform and get paid for that post by an outside company. That's where the difference with lies. All creators and users on the social sharing platform have the opportunity to get paid through revenue sharing directly through the app, meaning posts equal dollars. You don't have to have a million-plus followers to start earning income by using this puts creators and users back in control. Perhaps as a new creator just starting out, you don't have access to the kind of locations and amenities needed to make an immediate impact like those Influencers living the good life through photos and videos? With, you do. has a number of different creator opportunities and partnerships for their users to build that revenue sharing business, including their Ambassador program, Emerging Creator Program, and partnership with The Club Malibu 27.

The Club Malibu 27 is a creator's dream come true. It's a private destination club in the heart of Malibu, California. The secluded location offers five private Casitas that can host from 4-8 overnight guests for an exclusive beachside getaway. The property boasts scenic views and outdoor entertainment. Newly renovated and decorated by designer Winter Draghici Club Malibu 27 has already hosted high caliber names across numerous platforms from TikTok, Snap Chat, Instagram to YouTube. These creators include: Gianina Paolantonio, Nick Bencivengo, Oliver Muhl, Tyler Ashton, Cyprien Boustiha, Cole Allison, Caden Outlaw, Bryce Mckenzie, Ashley Wicka, and Madi Filipowicz. These stays are available exclusively to users and creators through their Emerging Creator program. Coupling brand opportunities with Far Out Toys, Chrysler, Niice Face, Suja, MotorPro Media, Z Star Digital Agency, ConnectHER Media Group and many others with both LA-based and out of state creators leveling the playing field with access to experiences an emerging creator can only imagine in their wildest dreams.

An asset to the community, is a supporter of The Club Malibu 27's commitment to the community; they are dedicated partners in creating a better world for all through their "Caring Casitas" Program. The Caring Casitas program hosts children for 1-2 nights stay with their families for a break at the beach from trials they face either in the judicial system or due to family illness. Caring Casitas provides meals, accommodations, and access to the Malibu coastline. There is never any charge to visiting families to give them time to unwind, enjoy the beach, and just be together free from the stresses of daily life. The partnership with rounds out's charitable focus. URTFC is a nationwide inclusive movement designed to elevate an individual's self-worth through their mission of education and commitment to change through Influencer partnerships and social media challenges. URTFC's first initiative, the #inequality challenge, reached more than 50 million imprints in its first week resulting in heightened awareness for the ills that trouble the world.

Lisa Malcolm
ConnectHER Media

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Oaxacan Athletes are Confirmed for the 2021 Ultra Trail Oso Negro®

Oax Sport

Oax Sport

Fausto Gallardo Cruz

Fausto Gallardo Cruz


We are excited to begin the 2021 season with a big event such as Ultra Trail Oso Negro®. Our athletes have been preparing well during the quarantine while staying safe and isolated.”

— Eddi Perez Silva, Athletic Director of Oax Sport Management

OAXACA DE JUáREZ, OAX, MEXICO, November 1, 2020 / — Oax Sport Management is confirmed with Oaxacan trail runners for the 2021 Ultra Trail Oso Negro® that will take place in Santiago, Nuevo León, on January 16th, 2021. The race offers five different distances ranging from 21k to 100k. All of them are part of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA®) classification. The routes leave the Pueblo Mágico of Santiago and go through the mountains of Nuevo Leon and go back to the town center of Santiago.

Many experts have classified the race as one of the best trail events in Mexico and Latin America. Ultra-Trail Oso Negro® 2021 is the only race in Mexico that qualifies for the Western States 100 Miles in California.

Athletes of Oax Sport who are participating in this competition are:

Fausto Gallardo Cruz of San Agustin Etla, in the 100 km
Juan Carlos Castañeda of Oaxaca de Juárez, in the 70 km
Rosalino Meneses Lopez of La Raya Zimatlán, in the 21 km

“My training has been low this year due to the quarantine restrictions, but I have maintained active while respecting the isolation regulation. We are less than three months away, and I am aiming to run the 100k in a qualifying time and go to the Western States 100 Miles in 2022.”
Fausto Gallardo Cruz, Oax Sport Athlete.

Oax Sport Management is proudly sponsoring the athletes by offering race registration, accommodation, flights, and transportation. Along with event support and management. The athletes were chosen for this event to qualify and prepare them for the Leadville 100 Mile in Colorado and the Western States 100 Mile in California.

The Athletic Director and two staff members will accompany the athletes to support the team during the travel and the event. The team leaves for Monterrey on January 14th.

Oax Sport Management is a sports agency based in Oaxaca, Mexico. It comprises professionals from different backgrounds who came together to provide quality services to local athletes and teams. They help athletes shape their careers by providing coaching, mentoring, training, business consultation, and comprehensive management services.

Andrea Cervantes
Oax Sport Management
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Southwest Publisher Offers Flash Sale To Celebrate Centennial & Inspire Women To Vote

In 1918, James Montgomery Flagg created this illustration to inspire households to plant victory gardens.

In 1918, James Montgomery Flagg created this illustration to inspire households to plant victory gardens.

In 1918, Leonebel Jacobs created this illustration to motivate houeholds to preserve the fruits of their labor.

In 1918, Leonebel Jacobs created this illustration to motivate houeholds to preserve the fruits of their labor.

In 1918, Paul Stahr created this illustration to encourage households to conserve food.

In 1918, Paul Stahr created this illustration to encourage households to conserve food.

Popular New Mexico artist and boutique publisher Lori Faye Bock seeks to remind women of the importance of voting in Tuesday's election.

To honor the women who have fought for equality since America's founding …. we can do no less than participate in Tuesday's election and let our voices be heard loud and clear.”

— Lori Faye Bock

ABIQUIÚ, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2020 / — Over the years, New Mexico artist Lori Faye Bock paintings have been generating a popular following amongst people with companions pets, farm animals and generally with people who just love animals as much as she does. Her collectors are passionate about her paintings because they know how much time and detail she incorporates into each work of art in promoting the humane and kind treatment of all animals.

Residing on a farm with her husband in Los Silvestres, an agricultural community just above the tiny village of Abiquiú along the Chama River since 1990, Bock has interacted on a daily basis more with animals than humans over the years. It shows in her paintings.

Collectors of art themselves, the Bock's started collecting post World War I historic illustrations of famous artists of the day. Creations of three such artists had a similar prominent theme …. patriotism and the self-sufficiency in growing, preserving and not wasting food. The illustrations were created in 1918 as the war was winding down and the pandemic picking up. Each illustration wrapped a woman in the America flag. The Bock's thought this to be ironic since at that time, women in America did not have the right-to-vote in federal elections.

Further research revealed the 19th Amendment was passed in 1919, signed by President Woodrow Wilson and sent on to the 48 states to be ratified. In August 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify after a wavering House Rep. Harold Burn received a note from his mother strongly urging him to vote in support of ratification. He did, and the Tennessee House of Representatives approved the 19th Amendment by a vote of 50 to 49. Signed by the state's governor, the ratification certificate was sent by mail to the U.S. Secretary of State who signed the Proclamation of the Women's Suffrage Amendment on August 26, 1920.

As a small businesswoman boutique publisher, Lori Faye Bock decided to strengthen the resolve of American women to participate in this year's election by reintroducing the promotional campaigns created a century ago which helped to advance the cause of women's suffrage.

"We must never take the right-to-vote for granted," Lori Faye Bock said.. She went on to say, "These historical illustrations and the accompanying story on the greeting cards and prints will be a reminder for all to collect and pass on to future generations of the importance for all women to participate in civic affairs and vote in elections because we really can and do make a difference."

The 12 card portfolios, Abiquú 6 Packs and limited edition prints are an ideal gift for women young and old during the Christmas holiday.

Lori Faye Bock greeting cards are printed in Albuquerque, New Mexico on environmentally-sensible recycled card stock using soy-based inks. The museum quality limited edition prints are printed in Santa Fe, New Mexico on archival Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and permanent pigment inks.

The LoriFayeBock.Press FLASH SALE of 30% OFF storewide is available until November 3rd, 2020 and ends midnight Pacific Time by entering WOMENVOTE in the coupon code at checkout.

Richard Bock
Lori Faye Bock
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