Innovators Make Homemade Chai as Easy as the Press of a Button with their ChaiEasy Machine

TORONTO, CANADA, December 1, 2020 / — ChaiEasy, a Toronto-based startup, is releasing its signature automatic brewer for traditional chai tea through a Kickstarter campaign. The production-ready, patent-pending prototype promises to deliver high-quality, homemade chai tea without the hassle or mess of the conventional boil-and-brew method. With less than a month to go and almost CA$13,000 already raised from an audacious campaign goal of CA$10,000, this innovative home brewer is set to impress chai lovers around the world in 2021.

The campaign features multiple levels of investment, with reward levels reflecting the amount of pledge. Backers can invest CA$25 and receive the stainless steel reusable pod as well as a discount coupon for CA$15 off the unit when it ships into retail. At CA$170 or more, backers can look forward to a shipment of the final ChaiEasy brewing machine, a package of assorted pod flavors, and the proprietary Brew-2-Go mug.

ChaiEasy is the world's first automated machine that does for chai lovers what coffee lovers have had the chance to experience for over a decade now: With just a click of a button, a pop of the reusable pod, and the Brew-2-Go cup, chai enthusiasts can enjoy a steaming cup of authentic chai tea while saving on time and effort.

The ChaiEasy unit has gone through six stages of prototyping and product design to arrive at its current iteration. It features a real-time, auto-sensing heating and temperature-regulating system known as "i-SensiBREW," which mimics the traditional chai brewing process but significantly cuts down on time. Meanwhile, the patent-pending Steri-Clean offers users the functionality of using self-clean options for the machine using superheated steam.

To operate the machine, users simply have to pour the requisite amount of milk, insert the included chai pods or the sustainable pod with your own custom blend of chai, secure the brew mug to the nozzle, and hit the "start" button at the top of the unit. The ChaiEasy simmers the ingredients together and then dispenses as it brews, leaving no spills or post-brew clean-up to manage.

The ChaiEasy unit also focuses on vastly improved nozzle technology, ensuring that the uniquely designed double layer insulates heat from the outer layer and keeps it cool at all times. Not only does this make it safe to operate, but the design also prevents milk residue and buildup over time. A simple wipe is all that a user needs to do in the end to enjoy quality chai time without worrying about cleaning or dishwashing hassles.

Finally, the ChaiEasy machine comes with a proprietary, double-walled mug with a heat-resistant silicone sleeve. This can be used for brewing and double as a convenient travel mug for chai on the go.

ChaiEasy can brew enough for an 8-ounce or a 16-ounce mug and comes in four different flavors: Classic, Cardamom, Ginger, and Masala.

Samir Sahoo

Source: EIN Presswire