Prescription Drugs Can Cause Suicidality and Suicide

California mass transit akathisia awareness can reduce suffering and save lives.

Akathisia Awareness Campaign Reaches California Commuters

Akathisia Awareness Ads Can Reduce these Avoidable Deaths

Nobody is immune to medication harms, and adverse drug effects don't discriminate.”

— Wendy Dolin, MISSD Founder

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Adverse drug effects are the 4th leading cause of death—greater than heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and car accidents—yet many people remain unaware of this sobering fact. A unique nonprofit, the Medication-Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Stewart Dolin (MISSD), strives to change that by increasing public awareness of an adverse drug effect that can cause suicidality and suicide.

"Some prescription drugs carry the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) black box warning stating the product can increase the risk of suicide," said Wendy Dolin, MISSD founder. "But drug information leaflets seldom explain why the prescription lists suicidality as a possible adverse effect, and the term, 'akathisia,' is often missing."

Akathisia is a prescription-drug induced disorder that can cause a person to experience such intense inner restlessness that the sufferer is driven to violence, self-harm, or suicide. Hundreds of different medications commonly prescribed for various ailments such as high blood pressure, acne, depression, and asthma, can cause akathisia. It can occur when stopping, starting, or changing the dosage or type of these medications.

"Today is Giving Tuesday, a global initiative that inspires us to participate in a day of generosity and use our collective power to make a positive difference in local communities and the world," said Dolin. "We appreciate MISSD supporters and the charitable donations that help expand programming and bring the MISSD akathisia awareness campaign to the West Coast."

MISSD recently rolled out new mass transit ads on San Francisco buses and inside terminals. Previous akathisia ads ran in Chicago and New York City.

"Nobody is immune to medication harms, and adverse drug effects don't discriminate," said Dolin. "But increased awareness and education can give hope to people who are suffering and help bereaved families understand the role prescription drugs may have had in a loved one's demise."

MISSD accepts no funding from the pharmaceutical or mental health industry and provides all resources free of charge. They include digital learning courses, podcasts, virtual conference presentations, educational brochures, public health videos, and advertising.

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