Why Haliburton? See What’s Driving the Real Estate Boom in Cottage Country

HALIBURTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — While cottage country in Ontario has been seeing a steady rise in property value over the past decade, there has been an absolutely huge surge in the demand for waterfront property over the past year. This new influx has led to a seller’s market in the area, as the current inventory of houses on the market is almost not enough to keep up with the demand of the buyers.

Since the start of COVID, homeowners in Toronto have been looking to cash in on the equity of their homes in the GTA to find some where quieter, and where they can get more property and square footage, while spending less. Of course, the first thought for leaving Toronto is to head up to Muskoka, but realistically many people are priced out of that area – even for homeowners coming from Toronto. Cottages in Haliburton and the surrounding areas provide the perfect solution for those who want the Muskoka life, without the Muskoka price tag.

Haliburton county is comprised of many smaller towns and hamlets, all centering around the town of Haliburton. There is a plethora of lakes in the area, coming in at various sizes, accessibility, and boat usage and restrictions. While many of these lakes have plenty of cottages and homes on them, due to the natural rock formations and topography of the area, there are actually many banks and shorelines on the lakes that can’t be developed. What this leads to are less crowded lakes, and more privacy for the lakefront homeowners.

In addition to the fantastic lakes in the area, Haliburton is home to many amazing restaurants, breweries, and other local attractions. Sir Sam’s Ski Hill and Mountain Biking is just a 15-minute drive out of town, and the entire county has a massive length of snowmobile trails, many of which double as ATV trails in the summer months. The county of Haliburton has something for everyone, so it makes the perfect destination for those looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and find some place more serene.

Of course, secrets and hidden gems don’t stay hidden forever. While Haliburton isn’t on Muskoka’s level yet, the average house price is growing year over year. The average home price in Haliburton county for 2020 was $390,000, compared to Muskoka at $457,500. While Haliburton does come in at a much lower price point, the average house value in Haliburton has grown massively from the previous year. If you’re considering the move out to Haliburton, it would be wise to make it sooner rather than later, as at this rate it won’t be long before the property values reach Muskoka levels.

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