World Biz Magazine Luxury Guide – Art Collecting, 30 Artists To Collect In 2021

World Biz Magazine - Art Collectors Guide

World Biz Magazine – Art Collectors Guide

World Biz Magazine curates a list of 30 rising artists to collect in 2021.

These 30 randomly selected, incredibly-gifted but perhaps under-recognised artists will satisfy your RoI objectives and inner voice.”

— World Biz Magazine

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 13, 2021 / — Whether you are a serious art collector or a beginner; buying for soulful reasons or as an investment, these 30 randomly selected, incredibly-gifted but perhaps under-recognised artists will satisfy your RoI objectives and inner voice.

Tom Ashbourne
A Canadian business executive turned elite award-winning sculptor. He creates timeless pieces of beauty in stone and metal.

Raymond Warren
Warren's figurines harken back to the primitive beauty of pre-Columbian pottery. They are sculpted with finesse, with natural gestures, discreetly bringing us back to our sweetest memories.

Howard Harris
A multiple award-winning fine art photographer who is known for his dimensional, multi-layered images.

Deb Achak
An American photographer working in both conceptual and street photography. In both, she stretches the capacity of the camera to create painterly, sensual photographs rich in meaning and story.

Hildegarde Handsaeme
An abstract geometric artist with a focus in female figure, Hildegarde's work is easily identified in collectors' circles, a result of her intuitive development of her artistic practices.

Ken Naiff
Ken explores the science and art of deep space. He says: "By integrating art and science, I capture and create high-resolution, deep space images which are both thought-provoking and nurture a sense of wonder."

Thomas J. Bromley
Thomas has been painting with oils from the age of 12. Born in Detroit, Michigan, summer of 1951, raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to New Mexico 40 years ago to set up a studio and paint pictures.

Carla O’Connor
O’Connor is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Northwest Watercolor Society (Gold) and is an AWS Dolphin Fellow.

S.Brooke Anderson
A Vancouver painter whose oeuvre ranges from landscape to portraiture. Her work invokes awe and wonder in a world tired of disenchantment.

Ingrid McMillan
A German-Canadian painter whose work is about humanity. Her collections are imaginative meditations on compassion and idealism. Each body of work consists of multiple oil paintings grouped around specific themes.

Gerald Stein
An architect turned master painter. he says: "I paint what inspires me and try to capture the experience for others to appreciate."

Fong Fai
Fong uses the brushwork of calligraphy to create artworks that take on a wider and freer soul view, possess a dense oriental feeling, and try to integrate the concept of East/ West art.

Brian James Thompson
A contemporary painter and digital artist based in Houston, Texas, USA. He draws his inspiration from nature, the human form and abstractions of color, form and pattern.

One of the most recognized artists on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. She creates art that evokes emotions and feelings and generates positive energy and harmony within viewers.

Barbara Berlin
Barbara has been making art for over 50 years. When she lived in New York City in the 60’s she fell in love with Abstract Expressionism. As she could ill afford a purchase she decided to enrol in art classes. That decision opened the door to a life long passion!

Svetlana Simeons
A Russian Canadian artist and active member of FCA. She says: "It was six year ago that I started painting in oils, and my artistic genes had finally been realized."

Sarah Hylton
Sarah is an Expressive Artist and Arts Facilitator specializing in a whole person-centered approach for creating art. She is an avid painter, dancer and ceramic sculptor and can often be found dancing while painting."

Carol McIntyre
Her award-winning paintings have earned her a signature membership in the Transparent Watercolor Society and an associate membership in the Oil Painters of America.

Amogh Katyayan
An engineer by college degree and an artist by heart. He says: "I compare my painting technique to looking for images in the cloud."

Caroline Bacher
Caroline's mixed-medium work presents recurring dichotomies, confrontations and relationships between the individual and facets of the self through a personal lens of metaphor and symbol.

Peggy Blood
Expressionistic artist, Blood is a painter, muralist and illustrator. She primarily uses oil and mixed-media to convey and examine visually the female figure, nature, critical perspectives on social and cultural issues.

Michele Taras
Described by reporter Kitty Huisman as "a young Picasso, as if he fell into a rainbow."

Jan Tetsutani
Jan’s paintings are conversations with God expressed in coastal themes and abstract art. Her works are found in luxury homes around the world.

Carolyn Kollegger
Carolyn is passionate about all things mountain and desert. In her own words: "My greatest joy… becoming a part of your life through my art!"

Leslie Lendvoy
A west coast artist from a five generation BC family. Her work wins awards and hangs in galleries and homes in BC and in Arizona, where she spends her winters plein air painting.

Rob Buntin
An oil painter of 30 years, his story from the dusty dirt roads of Georgia in the United States to the cobbled streets of France carries with it some turns that explain his style.

Ira Lujan
Ira incorporates Native themes and influences with ancient techniques of glass blowing. His work is highly influenced by everyday scenes of classic Native American Pueblo life.

Nard Lee
Nard started his first business at 20 years old. He sold his business and worked as an actor and model for 13 years. A passionate creative from an early age..

Joe Ferry
A 7-Time Grammy Award Nominated record producer, guitarist and bassist, and author. He says: ​"I am always at ease painting so I hope that feeling of peace comes through to the viewer."

Jason Behrends
Jason's abstract art reflects his interest in nature, science, and his surroundings. He utilizes his interests as inspiration to explore color, light, and texture with acrylic latex paint on canvas.

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