How to Plan Scavenger Hunts for Adults

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Want to throw a scavenger hunt game? Learn how to do it properly by following our simple tips!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Instead of throwing another party with the usual food, drinks, long talks, and loud music – why not throw a more fun and engaging party with some adult scavenger hunt games for your guest!

Scavenger hunts are awesome! The competition, the laughs, the race, the funny pictures, and crazy videos are some of the best ways to bring people together and have tons of fun at a party. So, to encourage more adults to plan and participate in fun scavenger hunts, we have put together this handy hunt guide. Follow this guide, and you will be throwing a wild and crazy scavenger hunt game in no time.

Choose A Theme
Choosing a theme makes it easier to plan a fun and adventurous scavenger hunt for your next friendly gathering or party. It helps you get better items or clues to include in your discovery list, and you can tell guests to dress up in crazy costumes that match your theme. You can choose holiday-based themes, park-based themes, location-based themes, or people-based themes.

Every scavenger hunt needs a location. You can decide to play the game in the park, immediate neighborhood, mall, country fair, amusement park, your house, or go for a city hunt. The location possibilities for this game are endless and limitless – and you can choose anywhere you want.

Duration of the Hunt
Decide how long or short you want the hunt to last and plan accordingly. 2-4 hours is enough time to run around and have fun without boring anyone. Additionally, you can also make the game more fun by deducting points from teams that return late.

The Rules
Always make rules for your scavenger hunts! The rules could be any team that finds all the items becomes the winner. Or any team that gets most of the items under the time limit is the winner. Whatever rule you choose for the game, ensure they are fair and objective.

Item List
Making the item list is the most interesting and also the most stressful part of any scavenger hunt. Your list should contain the number of items participants have to find or do. These items could be random things or objects that follow the party theme. Just be creative with your item list, and your guests will have crazy fun.
Each item should have a point value. Easy clues should have lesser points than difficult items, and you can assign any value point to the items.

Photo Hunt
You can add a fun twist to the game by including a photo hunt. Have teams search and take pictures of locations you have included in the item list. Each team must find the location, take pictures and use the clue to find the next place.
To make it more interesting, you can specify that every team member must be included in the picture, or perform silly stunts that can win them extra points. Before the party, tell participants to come with fully-charged phones as you don’t want them to give you excuses for not taking pictures.

Prizes and Winners
Every hunt has a winning team, and it is your duty as a host to come up with fun prizes for them. Prizes can be anything from extra food or drinks at the party to thematic gift bags filled with cool things. Of course, the winning team gets a grand prize – so make sure you have something big for them.

Send Invites
Now that you have everything planned out, it's best you send out invites at least two weeks before your party. This will give people enough time to prepare for your event.

Pre-Hunt Meet-up
Have everybody meet at a pre-determined location before the start of the hunt. A pre-hunt meet-up is very important as it lets guests know what they are going into and also tells you how many people are willing to join the game. At the pre-hunt meet-up, you tell participants the game rules, time limit, and points for each item. You also divide them into teams and hand out the clue list plus bags to carry the items.

Post-Hunt Meet-up
Finally, the games are over, and everybody is back at the party location. You use this time to announce winners and give out prizes. Ensure there are enough drinks and food to go round as guests are ready to merry and party till they drop!

Party With Style!
So that’s it – use this guide to plan your next fun party!
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