The Job Auction and the Facilitation of Freedom

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, December 5, 2018 / — As a global brand, The Job Auction knows the importance of freedom and maximising the potential of each of its users and clients when it comes to finding gainful employment is the sole focus. Anticipating the needs of those who choose to use it is what a site like The Job Auction does best.

At its core, it is a jobs board, an online marketplace to barter for work and make connections with other professionals. The Job Auction can be used to host any number of positions from every industry imaginable. You will find what you want as long as you know what you want.

The site provides freedom for its users to achieve in any sense they want. The platform is there to make sure that any limits are set only by the users themselves. The role of the auctioneer is, in a sense, rendered pointless on this platform. There is no mediating force that tells you what you can and cannot bid for or accept. It’s all down to you.

Posting listings for tasks or even advertising your own skills are free for the first two weeks and the packages you can pick are made specifically to cater for the needs of everyone economically. Non-profits can list themselves and whichever tasks or jobs they would like for free, now and forever because The Job Auction doesn’t believe in making a profit out of non-profits.

The levels of influence and therefore aid you can get from The Job Auction team is entirely up to you, meaning freedom to achieve is on offer as is freedom from constraints.

The CV Clinic, a place where you can have a team of experts advise you on how to tweak your CV for public consumption and the blog and its multiple articles on every nook and cranny of the jobs market are there for any advice you might need before venturing off into the world of job auctioning.

The way TJA defines its options is also a critical component to its success. The options of ‘Tasks’ and ‘Skill Auction’ make it so the pathways are widened and what constitutes work is entirely up to the user. The other users can then bid on the auction. The prime selling point of the platform is that with an auction nobody goes any higher or any lower than they are willing to go. Nobody is strong-armed into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Just like a regular jobs site, employers can fix the rate at which they are willing to pay and as such the functions users are used to can be put in place in the concept of auctions aren’t to their liking. In a sense, The JA has everything you could need from a jobs board. It bestows power ergo freedom to the users if that’s what they choose and if not they can use its more traditional settings.

The Job Auction Team
The Job Auction
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Daruma Tech Lands Contract to Create New Tri-Rail App for South Florida Regional Transit Authority

South Florida Regional Transit Authority

Tri-Rail passengers will soon be able to navigate their traveling experience with a new, innovative Smart Phone app.

Our goal is to create an attractive, intuitive app that’s easy and fun to use and gives users a personalized experience”

— Susan Erickson

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2018 / — Boca Raton-based software developer Daruma Tech has been chosen by the South Florida Regional Transit Authority (SFRTA) to develop a new mobile app for passengers of the regional light rail system Tri-Rail. The app, which will be available for both IOS and Android users, will allow Tri-Rail passengers to plan their trips, calculate their fares, and track train locations in real time. The app will also provide estimated arrival times, station information, and descriptions of points of interest at certain stops.

Daruma Tech will also provide SFRTA ongoing, as-needed support for app upgrades and updates.

“Our goal is to create an attractive, intuitive app that’s easy and fun to use and gives users a personalized experience,” said Susan Erickson of Daruma Tech. Erickson added that SFRTA was seeking to replace their existing app with a faster, more engaging version that better takes advantage of recent advances in mobile technology.

Erickson also noted that Daruma Tech was an especially good fit for the SFRTA’s needs because of its proven track record of working with governmental agencies and their financial, budgetary, and logistical constraints. Among the public entities that have entrusted Daruma Tech with their digital projects are the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, whose website was designed and continues to be maintained by Daruma Tech; and Broward County, which commissioned Daruma Tech to build an informational website promoting the 2016 “A Penny At Work” ballot initiative. Daruma Tech has also worked with the publicly funded Washington State Beer Commission to develop both mobile and kiosk apps that help consumers discover the state’s many craft breweries.

In addition, Daruma Tech has extensive experience with public-private partnerships, such as its collaboration with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale on their APP-titude program, in which high school students earn college credit while learning to design and program assets for the museum’s free mobile app.

Daruma Tech is a privately held software design firm based in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University® in Boca Raton, Florida. Its mission is to serve businesses across a range of industries with innovative software applications incorporating both cutting-edge technology and designs focused on the unique logistical and human needs of each client.

For more information, contact Rick Griswold at 561-990-1625

Rick Griswold
Daruma Tech
+1 561-990-1625
email us here

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Ageless Authors Awards Bivona Prize for Best Senior Writing of 2018

Writers age 65 and older are eligible for the coveted Bivona Prize for bold writing.

Colorado Man Takes Top Prize As Organization of Writers Age 65 And Older Accepts Submissions to New Writing Contest

This essay is a masterful piece of work that succeeds on so many levels”

— Larry Upshaw

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2018 / — Ageless Authors has awarded its top international prize for writing to a Denver-area essayist and magazine journalist.

The first annual Bivona Prize, given for bold, adventuresome writing by a senior writer age 65 or older, has been awarded to Hugh Gardner of Idledale, Colorado for the essay Moon of the Popping Trees.

Mr. Gardner, 75, is a semi-retired social scientist and former investigative journalist, political consultant, conservationist, and fly fishing adventure writer. Over the years, his articles have appeared in Esquire, Harper's, The Nation, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Human Behavior, and Playboy.

His doctoral dissertation was published by St. Martin's Press as The Children of Prosperity, a study of counter-culture communes in the 1970s. More than a hundred of his fishing stories have been published in The Rocky Mountain News, The Angling Report, Rocky Mountain Streamside, and Wild on the Fly.

Moon of the Popping Trees was the top submission to the 2018 Ageless Authors International Writing Contest in the category of family stories. “This essay is a masterful piece of work that succeeds on so many levels,” says Larry Upshaw, Executive Director of Ageless Authors.

The organization is accepting submissions now for its 2019 writing contest. Go to for more information or to submit your work.

Ageless Authors is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion of senior writers age 65 and older. The Bivona Prize is named for the group’s co-founder, the late novelist and poet Ginnie Siena Bivona. Ms. Bivona and Mr. Upshaw created Ageless Authors to encourage older writers to be creative into their later years.

Ms. Bivona started writing in her late 40s, after raising five children. Her first novel, Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party, was made into the 2009 made-for-TV movie, Bound By A Secret. Recent releases include a collection of short stories, The Secret Lives of Ordinary Women, and Reality Check, the Work of a Part-time Poet. She also wrote a humorous cookbook titled The Seductive Chef, A Cookbook & More for Lovers and Notes from a Chameleon, Sort of a Memoir, a finalist in the 2008 Eric Hoffer Awards. Ms. Bivona died last spring at age 87.

The Bivona Prize includes a cash award and publishing of the winning work in the next Ageless Authors Anthology. The first anthology is available on or

For more information, contact Larry Upshaw at 214 405-5093 or

Larry W Upshaw
Ageless Authors
+1 214-405-5093
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1er Congreso de Ron en Miami 2019 seducirá paladares con rones mundialmente reconocidos

The UK Rum Fest de Reino Unido y The Rum Lab de Estados Unidos, se unen para presentar el evento más importante en la paradisíaca ciudad.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 5, 2018 / — Las instalaciones del Shane Center Miami Beach, se preparan para recibir la 1era edición del Congreso de Ron en Miami 2019, durante los días 8 y 9 de febrero. El evento organizado por los reconocidos empresarios Ian Burrel, del UK Rum Fest y Federico Hernández, de The Rum Lab, tendrá como objetivo reunir en un mismo escenario a diversos expertos del ron, para contar su historia, detallar sus bondades, exponer su proceso de elaboración, intercambiar conocimientos y brindar asesorías.

Burrel, creador del UK Rum Fest en 2006, se ha caracterizado por ser pionero en la exaltación del ron en Inglaterra, elevando su popularidad, conciencia y calidad. Por su parte, Hernández, fundador de The Rum Lab en 2007, ha tenido la honorable tarea de promover la deliciosa bebida como un estilo de vida, además de educar a los consumidores e integrantes de la industria ronera, a nivel mundial.

Ambas figuras tienen más de 25 años de trayectoria dentro del sector internacional del ron, logrando reunir a destacados profesionales y expertos de la industria, en exitosos festivales y seminarios de ron en Londres, Nueva York, Chicago, San Francisco y San Juan.

De acuerdo a Burrel, “después de años de asistir y ser anfitrión de eventos de ron, estamos combinando nuestras experiencias, para llevar a los consumidores y comerciantes el mejor evento de ron en América". De igual manera, destaca que están incorporando invitados de lujo y expertos de todo el mundo, “para que los asistentes al Congreso del Ron de Miami no sólo tengan la oportunidad de probar una amplia variedad de rones exóticos, sino que también puedan interactuar y aprender de los mejores expertos de la industria y líderes de opinión”.

Para Hernández, esta 1era edición del Congreso de Ron en Miami 2019, representa una cita imperdible para los consumidores y los comerciantes de la industria, debido a que “se presentará una selección de marcas de ron premium de todo el mundo, donde los participantes tendrán acceso íntimo a representantes de prestigiosas marcas, catas de espíritus, seminarios y sesiones educativas”.

Dentro de la programación del magno encuentro ronero, se contempla la participación de importantes representantes de la industria, entre ellos:

-Ian Burrell: embajador mundial del ron, juez de famosos y productor del UK Rum Fest en Reino Unido.
– Richard Seale: destilador principal de cuarta generación, en la Destilería Foursquare en Barbados.
– Karen Hoskin: propietaria de la Destilería Montanya, ron 100% estadounidense en Colorado
– Bailey Pryor: cinco veces ganador del premio Emmy, como documentalista, productor y Director ejecutivo de The Real McCoy Rum.
– Josh Miller: influencer de bebidas espirituosas y cocteles. Es propietario del sitio web de espíritus, internacionalmente aclamado, conocido como Inu A Kena.
– Ed Hamilton: fundador del sitio web de renombre internacional Ministry of Rum y la empresa importadora Caribbean Spirits.
– Nicholas Feris: importador de Rum Fire de la Destilería Hampden Estates en los Estado Unidos y propietario de The Rum Collective.
– Jeff Beachbum Berry: experto en ron y tiki, autor de seis libros de ron y propietario del aclamado bar-restaurante Latitude 29, en Nueva Orleans.
– Alexandre Gabriel: presidente y propietario de Maison Ferrand y productor de Plantation Rum.
A esta lista de prestigiosos panelistas roneros se unirán otros miembros, quienes se darán a conocer próximamente a través de

Sobre The Rum Lab

Fue fundado en 2007, por Federico Hernández en San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tiene por objetivo enseñar la esencia y la historia del ron, a través de una inédita experiencia que seduce paladares. Hoy en día, su firma de producción y creatividad se centra en la Premiumización y Educación del Ron. The Rum Lab produce el Festival Nacional de Ron de Puerto Rico (Taste of Rum Puerto Rico), así como el Festival de Ron de California, el Festival de Ron de Chicago y el Festival de Ron de Nueva York.

Sobre The UK Rum Fest

Fue fundado en 2006 por el embajador mundial del ron Ian Burrell, en Reino Unido. quien estaba interesado en promover el ron como bebida. The UK Rum Fest ha provocado la influencia de festivales y ferias de ron en todo el mundo, como el Rumfest de Berlín, el París Rhum Fest y el primer festival de ron en Mauritius. Hoy en día, dicho festival de ron es la única experiencia comercial y de bebidas para el consumidor del Reino Unido, siendo el más grande del mundo. Su fundador Ian Burrell había trabajado en el comercio como bartender desde 1990. En 1998, comenzó a trabajar con la destilería de ron jamaiquino, mezclador y embotellador en J. Wray y Nephew Ltd. Burrell trabajó posteriormente para otras marcas de bebidas sobre una base ad hoc y con organizaciones como West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association. Como experto en ron independiente, Burrell fue nombrado embajador de marca internacional Tales of the Cocktail en 2018.

Para mayor información sobre el 1er Congreso de Ron en Miami 2019, ingresa a

Joselina Rodriguez
Empresas FH
+1 513-426-8813
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Canadians in Cambodia providing water wells through income from Yoga

since majority of our founders have backgrounds in humanitarian work we realised instead of profiting from Yoga we could share the gift of life, which is clean water”

— Valentina Lyubiteleva


Providing water wells through income from Yoga

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA – DECEMBER 5, 2018 – Tavoos Yoga Cafe & Wellness Center in Cambodia, a Canadian owned non-profit social venture which returns all of its profits back into the local community has reached a new milestone by donating its 25th water well in the first year of operation. This comes only two days after being announced as the number one Yoga teacher training school in the world by Luxury Travel Diary.

Tavoos Yoga is the only Yoga Alliance® Registered school in Cambodia and was founded for one purpose only; to share the gift of wellness. Since Tavoos opened its doors exactly one year ago, it has provided to date 25 water wells in communities all over Cambodia. Furthermore providing scholarships to Khmer women and men who aspire to become Yoga Alliance® certified teachers, as well as free Yoga classes daily to anyone who wishes to come by.

Founded by a group of independent philanthropists from Canada and Netherlands, Tavoos Yoga was started after its founders realised the impact wellness tourism has in developing countries.

“We saw the influx of cash coming into the country as a result of wellness tourism, and since majority of our founders all have a background in humanitarian work we realised that instead of profiting from Yoga retreats and Yoga teacher training courses, we could share the gift of life, which is clean water, through Yoga. The genuine beliefs of Yogis is to be kind and give back, this is what we do.” Says co-founder Valentina Lyubiteleva.
“We didn’t think it was fair that all of us who are privileged with disposable income and the freedom to travel get to visit these exotic countries to practice Yoga, while the locals stand by and look at us walking through their communities carrying our mats. We decided, since they are sharing their beautiful culture and land with us, it is only our duty to give back to them and empower them. This is why aside from donating our income to our water project, we also donate spots in our teacher training program to Khmer national and after we certify them they are offered a job. Wellness is a gift which should be shared, not a privilege to only those who can afford it. That is our motto.”

Most notably is that Tavoos Yoga’s entire administrative backbone, as well as legal, marketing and technical departments are operated by its founders who donate their services. No salaries are taken by the founders or board of directors from Canada or Netherlands, leaving more funds for the humanitarian work that Tavoos does, as well as fair wages for local Cambodian staff.

Tavoos Yoga has recently announced its Yoga Alliance® 200hr teacher training course dates for 2019.
For more information, please visit:

Videos of Tavoos:

Media Contact: A. Azimi
Phone: +1 31 618763348

A. Azimi
Tavoos Yoga Cafe & Wellness Center
+31 6 18763348
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Tavoos Yoga Cafe Teacher Training Course Video

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Old Mill District Unveils New Gift Card Program in Time for Holiday Shoppers

Old Mill District gift card.for Bend, Oregon shopping.

Gift cards will be accepted at more than 55 locations in the Bend, Oregon shopping, dining and entertainment center

The new gift cards make it easier to give the gift of anything they want this holiday season and any time of year.”

— Noelle Fredland, Old Mill District, Bend, Oregon

BEND, OREGON, USA, December 4, 2018 / — The Old Mill District has unveiled new gift cards that can be used at all stores, restaurants, galleries and the movie theater in the district. The cards, which can be purchased in amounts between $10 and $500, are now available for purchase in person at the Ticket Mill, Hello Sunshine and Confluence Fly shop in the Old Mill District and online at The Bend Visitor Center in downtown Bend also carries the new gift cards.

“We’ve been working on this program for quite awhile and are very pleased with the accessibility it offers patrons and business owners alike. The new gift cards make it easier to give the gift of anything they want this holiday season and any time of year. The cards allow users to purchase everything from puffy coats to pearls, scarves to skateboards and art to entertainment,” said Noelle Fredland, marketing director for the Old Mill District.

Artwork on the new cards features the aerial photography of Bend-based photographer Mike Albright. The photo, which looks east and captures the Old Mill District’s iconic three smokestacks and pedestrian footbridge over the Deschutes River, was taken earlier this spring.

Funds on the cards never expire and the cards, which are VISA platform based, can only be used in the Old Mill District. Those ordering multiple cards should visit the Ticket Mill for bulk orders, or call ahead to have them ready for pickup. Previous to this launch, the Old Mill District offered paper gift certificates, which will be accepted until they are no longer in circulation.

About the Old Mill District
One of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive and dynamic mixed-use developments, the Old Mill District is located on 270 acres that formerly housed one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. The rich history of the land is coupled with spectacular mountain views, scenic river vistas, and an extensive trail system to enjoy the outdoors. More than 55 local, regional and national retailers and businesses call the Old Mill District home. The Old Mill District – Bend’s most unique shopping, dining, living, and entertainment experience.


Noelle Fredland
Old Mill District
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Luxury Villa Rentals Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa with Private Pool Barbados

Villas in Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa Barbados

Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

Atelier Villa Barbados

Atelier Villa Barbados

Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

World's most trusted villa rental company launches new brand

We are very excited about the introduction of Villas Barbados to our portfolio of brands”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / — One of the world’s most trusted luxury villa rentals companies, Exceptional Villas has launched a brand-new site called Villas Barbados. Villas Barbados was created purely as a result of increased customer demand.

Similar to Exceptional Villas, Villas Barbados will feature only very high-end luxury rental properties. The team of highly trained professionals has personally inspected each of the properties on the website. Villas Barbados main unique selling point is the ability of the team to match the perfect villa to clients wishes, dreams and requirements. The global rental company as put Truth back into Travel. When engaging with a potential client, the sales team give the pro and cons of each property and offer both the best rate guarantee as well as honest, unbiased advice.

All clients booking with Villas Barbados will also be able to avail of the companies 5-star concierge department. Once the villa is selected and booked, the concierge team will ensure that every detail of a client’s vacation is thought of and booked in advance of their arrival in Barbados. The service includes everything from ground transportation, car hire, restaurant reservations, boat charter, golf tee times and excursion recommendations. Once the client arrives in Barbados, they will be given a point of contact so that any additional concierge requirements can be looked after.

Most of the villas in the Villas Barbados program are located on the very exclusive and fashionable west coast of the island. This is where all the best beaches are located as well as the best rentals properties, restaurants and golf courses. Villas Barbados does, however, have some lovely options on the south and East Coasts of the island. Owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas said "We are very excited about the introduction of Villas Barbados to our portfolio of brands"

Most popular locations on the West Coast of Barbados include Payne’s Bay, Gibbs Beach, and Sandy Lane Beach and Estate. Villas Barbados portfolio of properties includes ultra-luxurious condominiums, Estate Homes, Beachfront Villas, and luxury townhouses. Some of the islands most iconic houses are included in the programme such as The Dream, Greensleeves, Fustic House, and Crystal Springs.


Exceptional Villas is a European based vacation Rental Company with clients and destinations all over the world. They have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and also providing a full and complimentary concierge service. This service includes organising all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of important information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customised service they offer.
For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Alexandra Baradi
Exceptional Villas
+353 87 223 2218
email us here

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Fourth “TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand” competition starts 1 December 2018

Annual activity opens both domestic and international competitions that double the chance to take home top honours.

BANGKOK, BANGKOK, THAILAND, December 4, 2018 / — The Tourism Authority of Thailand's (TAT) Newsroom kicked off its fourth annual “TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand” competition on 1 December with two unique activities that double the chance to take home top honours.

All entries should incorporate key concepts of the TAT’s Amazing Thailand 'Open to the New Shades' or 'Go Local' marketing initiatives.

The main competition is for bloggers residing outside of Thailand and offers them a chance to win a five-day trip inclusive of airfare, accommodation and an exclusive itinerary. It is open to applicants with an established, active blog (website) plus at least one main social media account with serious engagement.

This primary competition accepts submission of photos, vlogs and blogs about Thailand, or an experienced based impression blogs, photos, vlogs about Thailand (for those who have never visited Thailand). For more details, visit: TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand 2019 Rules for Submission.

Campaign dates for submissions are from 1 December 2018 to 31 January 2019.

The six most outstanding entries will win one port to port return air ticket and an exclusive 5D/4N trip to explore Bangkok, Phuket and Phang Nga in Thailand with trip dates tentative for the last week of March 2019. For more details, visit: TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand 2019 Terms and Conditions.

The secondary competition is for bloggers residing in Thailand that offers successful applicants the chance to be invited on a three-day trip. This is also open to applicants with an established, active blog (website) plus at least one main social media account with serious engagement.

This category accepts submission of photos, videos, blogs about off the beaten track Thai destinations or unseen experiences. Tentative campaign dates are from 1 April to 31 May 2019, with trip dates proposed for July 2019.

For more information, please contact the TAT Newsroom team at
For registration and entry submission, please visit:

Newsroom Team
TAT Blogger Relations Strategy Project
+66 2 553 2924
email us here

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Struggling to beat the bulge? Business travel is to blame as over a third of UK workers

Whether it’s a latte on the train or a three-course meal, business travel spells bad news for your health, according to new research by aparthotel group Roomzzz

LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM, December 3, 2018 / — Struggling to beat the bulge? Business travel could be to blame, with over a third of UK workers who travel regularly claim healthy eating goes out of the window

Whether it’s enjoying a large latte on the train, grabbing a pastry between morning meetings or sitting down to a three-course meal with clients, business travel spells bad news for the usual healthy eating habits of UK workers, according to new research by boutique aparthotel group Roomzzz.

The recent study of 1000 UK workers who regularly travel with their job claimed that it was their diet that was worse hit when away from home. In fact 36% of respondents believed it was the aspect that suffered the most during time away, with disruptions to sleep patterns coming a close second, with 33% of those questioned saying a super comfy bed was at the top of their wish list when it comes to choosing a room for the night.

Extra snacks and blow-out meals quickly rack up the calories, in fact 58% of the regular travellers questioned believed they easily consumed anywhere between 250 and a whopping 1500 extra calories each day, compared to a normal working day – potentially 50% over the recommended daily calorie intake for men and women. In fact, out of the 1000 respondents questioned, it was North West workers who admitted splurging the most during business trips.

Naveen Ahmed, Managing Director at Roomzzz says: “Travelling with work can mean a major disruption to your usual daily routine. Staying in a traditional hotel often means that you are often forced to eat out and have a lonely table for one, when all you want to do is get a take-away or prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal, put on your PJs and enjoy some down time in the comfort of your own room. At Roomzzz we encourage our guests to use the room as they would their own home; we offer a kitchen and living area as standard, giving guests the space to spread out and relax and certainly no need to sneak food or drink into our properties! So many of our guests tell us they love the space and additional living areas, which means they don’t have to work ‘in bed’ with their laptops on their laps, which allows them to keep a bit of normality while away, whether that’s preparing their own meals, doing some yoga in the living area or simply chilling out on the sofa after a hectic day.”

Jo Cox, a frequent traveller says about her time staying in hotels: “I used to stay away about three nights a week in hotels up and down the country and I would crave simple foods. It got so bad that one night I went down to the kitchen with a tin of beans and some bread and asked them to cook me some beans on toast! I was so fed up of eating out on my own or having the same choices from the room service menu.”

Naveen adds: “Business travel is tiring – for the mind and body, so it’s not surprising that those questioned ranked a super comfy bed as an important feature of their room. We pride ourselves on offering the best beds in the market…so much so our guests often ask us where they can buy one for their own home!”

Roomzzz pioneered the Aparthotel concept launching its first development in 2006 in Leeds. Now with a growing portfolio of nine aparthotels, ideally positioned in some of the UK’s most vibrant cities, including Manchester, Leeds, London, Chester and Nottingham the brand has ambitious growth plans with further developments in the pipeline for Edinburgh, Harrogate and York.

For more info please contact Becca at AIM Content Marketing and PR on 07342 075843 or email:

About Roomzzz

Roomzzz is not a hotel, it’s not a flat but instead it’s smack bang in the middle of them both. If you imagine a boutique hotel but without the boxy room and combine it with an apartment but with more security and spacious enough for you to be yourself. In a nutshell, spacious city centre Aparthotels designed to make you feel at home.

Roomzzz has nine aparthotels within its portfolio in major cities such as Manchester, Leeds, London, Chester and Nottingham. The brand has ambitious growth plans in 2019 with further developments in the pipeline for Edinburgh, Harrogate and York.

rebecca douglas
AIM Content Marketing
+44 7342 075843
email us here

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Jim Peak of Peak Type and Transition to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HOOVER, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2018 / — Retirement is not an ending, but a new beginning, the start of a new life journey. The question is not, “What do I do in retirement?” but rather “What do I do with my retirement?”

10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day. Some of these people will live longer in retirement than they did in their work career. So if you're not planning for retirement, it can really take you by surprise.

Jim Peak is an executive coach, author, speaker and the founder of Peak Type and Transition where he specializes in helping individuals navigate transition and change, specifically in the area of retirement.

Originally a civil engineer, Peak discovered that he enjoyed the ‘civil’ (working with people) part of his job much more than the ‘engineering’ technical part.

"As a ‘civil’ engineer, much of my efforts focused on meeting the needs and improving the quality of life for people,” says Peak. “I learned that understanding relationships is the key to accomplish anything great. But in addition to relationships, I discovered that an important factor in success is how well we can navigate transitions and change. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves and others as they navigate through life transitional experiences.”

In major life transitions such as retirement, Peak first pulls directly from knowledge gained from his diverse assignments in his forty-year career as an Army civilian. Peak observed that each person approaches change and readjustment uniquely, based on his or her own personality. As a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Peak often relies on that long-established tool to examine his client’s preferences shaped by their personality. After researching and linking personality preferences over many years, Peak co-authored a book in 2011 entitled “Introduction to Type and Reintegration – A Framework for Managing the Transition Home” that targeted service members returning from deployments.

Upon entering his own retirement in 2015, Peak observed that the transition from work to retirement involved much more than just being prepared financially. Retirement often represents a whole new change in lifestyle with countless options to pursue. In the new retirements of today, it’s very easy to end up ‘busier’ than you were at work.

“At work you were pretty much focused on one direction: you had your day planned out and scheduled,” says Peak. “In retirement, you have to think about how you're going to replace those eight hours a day and you can literally choose from 12 different areas on any given day. But what do you really want to do with the rest of your life?”

During Peak’s retirement transition, he discovered a valuable tool that was helpful in fleshing out his retirement interests and goals. Through advanced training he received certification to use the tool to coach others as well. The retirement diagnostic tool that Peak prefers to use is the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) offered by Retirement Options, a division of Career Partners International, LLC.

Through a comprehensive series of questions, the RSP tool gives you a picture of your overall level of readiness for personal change and retirement. The RSP does this by (1) comparing your own scores on 15 retirement success factors to others like yourself who have taken the RSP, and (2) comparing your own present behavior scores to what you might expect in your ideal retirement.

The 15 measured factors of the RSP are: Work Reorientation, Attitude Toward Retirement, Directness, Health Perception, Financial Security & Planning, Current Life Satisfaction, Projected Life Satisfaction, Life Meaning, Leisure Interests, Adaptability, Life Stage Satisfaction, Dependents, Family & Relationship Issues, Perception of Age, and Replacement of Work Functions.

“Retirement doesn’t have to be scary. A retirement coach can take some of the ‘unknown factor’ out of retirement and give their clients increased confidence to move forward into this next new and meaningful chapter of their lives!”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jim Peak in an interview with Jim Masters on December 5th at 11am EST.

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