Trinco Blu by Cinnamon: Community Initiatives That Matter

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon

Trinco Blu management and staff are dedicated to their various CSR programs in the local Trincomalee community.

With retro interiors and plush comforts to make you feel right at home, Trinco Blu by Cinnamon is located in the heart of the deep blue of Sri Lanka’s east coast – the best place in Sri Lanka to spot dolphins and blue whales.

Green Globe recently recertified Trinco Blu by Cinnamon with the resort achieving a commendable compliance score of 86%.

Energy Saving Measures

The resort has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce energy use. Guest rooms are fitted with Energy Management Systems and LED bulbs (90%) or CFL bulbs. Solar heaters are utilized for hot water heating in all guest rooms and the kitchen. The majority of air conditioning units are inverter type AC units (82%) and old units will continually be replaced with the latest inverter models. Another simple, effective energy saving measure is a skylight that allows natural light to shine into the laundry area. Plans have been made to install solar electricity generation during the next refurbishment.

CSR Initiatives

Trinco Blu management and staff are dedicated to their various CSR programs in the local Trincomalee community. Charitable causes are wide ranging and include a weekly donation of 50 bread buns to the Grace Home and a monthly alms giving program for the Gokanna Temple. Employees rallied together and collected a total of LKR 86,400 that was donated along with retired linen to victims who survived the Easter bomb attack in Batticaloa Church.

As part of their CSR vision, Trinco Blu organises recreational and educational programs for local children. The resort runs free fun activities at a neighbouring Children’s home and also conducted a Cinnamon Youth Empowerment Program for 80 children to develop their English language skills and IT knowledge.


Regular sustainability training is conducted for employees. Staff members eagerly participate in environmental activities such as beach and lagoon clean ups and tree planting. Trinco Blu’s Green Team has initiated a Mango Plantation project and so far more than 200 saplings have been planted on the resort premises. More tree plantings to curb GHG effects are planned for the future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste management improvements continue to be made at the resort. Polythene bags have been replaced with reusable cloth or rexin bin liners in guest and staff areas reducing the number of plastic bin liners from 3500 to 500 per month. There are plans to steadily reduce this number over time. Currently, single use plastic straws are also being phased out with paper straws provided only when requested.

In line with the property’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles, food waste is diverted to a community biogas plant located in the town of Trincomalee or given to local piggeries for animal feed. Furthermore, garden areas are irrigated via recycled water treated at the onsite sewage treatment plant (STP) while garden waste is used in compost.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Nikhil Gunawardena
Cinnamon Hotel Management Ltd.
Cinnamon Lakeside Commercial Complex
No.117, Sir Chittampalam A Gardinar Mawatha
Colombo 02
T: +94 (0) 11 2306 000
D: +94 (0) 11 2306 841 | Intranet: 62841
F: +94 (0) 11 2320862

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+1 310-337-3000
email us here

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Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Preserves Island Home

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Green Globe recently recertified Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa.

Located in North Huvadhoo, one of the largest natural atolls in the world, the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is a haven with natural white beach, azure lagoon and a 360° house reef steps away from each villa.

Green Globe recently recertified Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa with the resort achieving a high compliance score of 86%.

Pravin Kumar, General Manager at the property said, “Environmental preservation and sustainability was not just an idea created during the resort’s operational years. Ever since the resort’s early design phases, the dedicated commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability has very much been and continues to be a culture. While we provide guests with a barefoot luxury holiday experience, we also acknowledge that our presence leaves a footprint. We will continue our green efforts and strive to sustain and preserve this place that we call home.”

Management and staff members adhere to a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan. Water and energy consumption, monitored daily and monthly, have met predicted targets and reduction goals for 2020 have already been set. A solar panel on one of the buggies has been trialled at the resort and it is hoped that solar powered buggies will be launched on a larger scale in coming years.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa ensures that Maldivian culture is represented throughout the resort. Locally made beads and fabric have been incorporated into Do Not Disturb signs on doors and tasty Maldivian short eats are provided for snacks. Fun facts about the islands are promoted in all rooms via an iPad compendium that can access information about Maldivian history and culture, and environmental knowledge such as the formation of the atolls.

Locally employed team members who can best showcase and explain daily life on an island act as guides for guests when visiting other neighboring islands. Furthermore, the resort plans to train local residents as dive instructors in the future, which will provide viable livelihoods for those in the wider community.

Waste management in the Maldives has been challenge in the past and the resort keeps an up-to-date record of where all waste goes and how much is recycled. Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa recycles approximately 50% of its waste. Almost all glass and used oil is recycled. Plastics are sent to an international non-profit organization, which collects and re-cycles plastic waste that can be used in products such as branded sports apparel and shoes.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Ann Lam
Marketing Manager
Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa
North Huvadhoo (Gaafu Alifu) Atoll
Republic of Maldives
T: +960 682 1234
F: +960 682 1235

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+ +1 3103373000
email us here

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"New Earth," A Song for the Future by Kate Magdalena

And I saw a new heaven, and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.

San Francisco Artist Kate Magdalena Sings A Possible Future

If the collective imagination has power, holding the image of the earth healed and whole may serve us.”

— Kate Magdalena

SAN FRANCISCO , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2019 / — Into the dark pond of looming environmental challenges, Kate Magdalena offers her latest song “New Earth.” Like the calm at the center of a storm, the song and accompanying artwork by California visionary painter Suzanne De Veuve, posit an earth healed and whole, a living planet in a universe created by a loving intelligence. Beyond the human ravages upon nature, the earth continues to pour its abundant life upon humankind, and if given the chance, can heal. Beyond the human manipulation of the earth’s natural systems, beyond the threat of nuclear disaster, beyond the destruction of the earth’s forests and oceans, beyond the wars, Kate puts forward the picture of the earth healed. If the collective imagination has power, as Carl Jung expressed, then holding a picture of the earth healed and whole may serve as a constructive inspiration, offering possibilities that the opposing view does not. The song also echoes the words powerfully expressed in the Bible, "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things will not be remembered, nor come to mind." Isaiah 65:17

“New Earth” is the most recent release from Kate’s upcoming album “A Larger Dance,” coming this October. The recordings have been produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, Whiteheart, Clay Aiken, and the Newsboys) and feature some of Nashville’s finest musicians with Fred Eltringham (The Wallflowers and Sheryl Crow), Byron House (Robert Plant and the Band of Joy), Blair Masters (Garth Brooks) and Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors).

To listen to the song:

To view the music video:

To receive a free MP3 download of NEW EARTH as a gift:


Kate Magdalena is a singer-songwriter out of Northern, CA. She has an ability to move listeners with her clear voice, to bring healing, joy, and deep feeling. Magdalena was raised in an era in which people looked to the arts and music to inspire social change. In the tradition of Bob Dylan, some of her music is directed to the pressing issues of the time. She is looking forward to bringing her songs to listeners throughout the world both through the internet and in live performance.

For further information, please contact

Kate Magdalena Willens
Kate Magdalena Music LLC
+1 707-321-8579
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Murder in Paradise: Family Invokes Renown Private Investigator TJ Ward to Solve the Case of Casey Scott MacPherson

Pronounced dead December 30, 2018 on UK’s idyllic Island Harbor, Anguilla, actor/producer Casey Scott MacPherson, 37, had succumb to a fatal dose of MDA.

FRESNO, CA, US, August 21, 2019 / — “It doesn’t matter how famous you are,” quips T.J. Ward, the private investigator who has followed leads on The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway since 2005, “when a murder takes place on an island outside of the jurisdiction of the U.S., and tourism is at stake, no local authority will search for a perpetrator. It’s bad for business.” Pronounced dead December 30, 2018 on UK’s idyllic Island Harbor, Anguilla, actor and producer Casey Scott MacPherson and childhood friend Caleb Guillory, both 37, succumb to a fatal dose psychostimulant MDA (more commonly seen in its derivative form, MDMA, or “ecstasy”).

Known for The Perfect House (2013), The Bold and the Beautiful (2015) and The Hotel Barclay (2013), MacPherson and his wife, Barbara, packed up and left Fresno, California in 2018 for the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, where Casey could fulfill his lifelong dream to study medicine. Childhood friends Caleb Guillory and Chuck Gross, along with their wives, came to visit during Casey’s medical school winter break. As the six walked from the beach following dinner and drinks, Casey and Caleb became tragically ill; they were by ambulance to Princess Alexandra Hospital and pronounced dead a short time later.

Family friend, Kara Schacher, received a call from Barbara and booked a flight to the island to help them. She found the four survivors of the group locked in separate cells, lacking food and water, or any assistance or contact with the U.S. Consulate. In order to secure their release, the return of their passports, and the bodies of Casey and Caleb, they had agreed to accept a formal apology by the Island Commissioner for the “tragic accident.” The bodies were taken to the neighboring Island of St. Martins and cremated. Only then, the questions began.

According to Casey's father, Fresno radio producer Charlie MacPherson, “This wasn’t simply an accident. Casey was poisoned.” Moreover, the story of what happened that fatal evening kept changing. When Charlie found out that Casey’s life insurance was significantly increased prior to his move to Anguilla, the family contacted the U.S. State Department suspecting foul play, but documents were scarce, and his immediate family was not considered “next-of-kin.” Curious, Charlie asked, “What if the closest next-of-kin is the person who had the most to gain from Casey’s death?” The State Department refused to answer or take any further questions from MacPherson.

Charlie had been following the casework of private investigator T.J. Ward, who faced similar issues in Aruba after 18 year-old Alabama teen Natalee Holloway was drugged by a bartender at the request Joran Van der Sloot, a local Judge’s son – and godson of the Dutch island’s chief of police; the basis of a 2017 six-part series on NBC’s Oxygen Network, the location of Natalee’s body remains a mystery. According to Ward, “Nothing adds up about the deaths of Casey and Caleb. It’s quite clear the Royal Anguilla Police’s first priority was simply to make the deaths go away.”

Ward and his team of experts plan to return to the island to investigate, tasked with the duties not carried out by the island’s government or law enforcement, and outside the traditional reach of United States authorities. “These operations can be very dangerous, but there can be no closure until we bring to light why Casey and Caleb were killed.” A GoFundMe Campaign has been set up by the MacPherson family and friends. All funds will go toward the costs of the investigation. “We will be documenting our journey and investigation,” adds Ward, “and expect this case to be solved.”

T.J. Ward is President and CEO of T.J. Ward and Associates, an Atlanta-based international investigative agency solving high-profile cases for more than 35 years. To contact T.J. Ward directly with information on this case, call 404.932.4016 or Contact Us anonymously through For media and television inquiries, contact Sharon Beck at 347.352.5332.

T.J. Ward
T.J. Ward and Assoc.
+1 404-932-4016
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival announces its 2020 season lineup: Love, Wit, Warfare & More

Our 31st Season is designed to entertain and inspire live theatre lovers of all kinds. It offers tempting choices for one and all.”

— Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach Artistic Director

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, August 21, 2019 / — While the 30th season of Bard on the Beach continues until September 21, Artistic Director Christopher Gaze has just announced the lineup for the Festival’s 31st Season, which will run from June 11 to September 26, 2020. It includes the most popular play in Bard’s history, plus a thrilling historical drama, a music-filled Jazz Age romance and a provocative contemporary play based on Milton’s Paradise Lost.

On the BMO Mainstage, the beloved comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which has delighted audiences around the world and across the ages, plays in repertory with Shakespeare’s epic historical tale, Henry V. The Howard Family Stage offers two contrasting productions: Love’s Labour’s Lost, a restaging of Bard’s 2015 hit Jazz Age production, alternating with Paradise Lost, a critically acclaimed modern take on the battle between good and evil. Says Gaze: “Our 31st Season is designed to entertain and inspire live theatre lovers of all kinds. It offers tempting choices for one and all, whether you’re a committed Shakespeare fan or you’ve never seen a play at Bard before.”

Here are the plays, in short:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespeare's comic masterpiece follows four desperate lovers and a troupe of stumbling actors through enchanted woods, on a journey of discovery to find out who they are, who they love, and why it matters. Set against a backdrop of early Industrial Revolution, enter into a place where the natural and supernatural worlds have merged, with elves, goblins, and talking trees guiding the way. Come see what lies beyond the ordinary – and lose yourself in the magic!
Directed by Scott Bellis (The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 2017). Runs from June 11 – September 26.

Henry V – Set in a mythical realm and inspired by medieval fantasy, Henry V is a sweeping, emotional tale of two kingdoms at war. Young King Hal moves from innocence to hard-won experience as he leads his country into battle, struggling against the advice of his senior counsellors, his own doubts, and the spectres of two powerful paternal figures: his father, Henry IV, and the trickster Falstaff. This riveting story explores what burden is placed on our young leaders when they face conflict, what price they will pay, and how much blood will be on their hands?
Kate Besworth (The Taming of the Shrew, 2019) plays King Henry. Directed by Lois Anderson (The Taming of the Shrew, 2019; Lysistrata, 2018). Runs from June 12 – September 20.

Love’s Labour’s Lost – It's the Jazz Age, the music is live and the party is in full swing, but a rum-running kingpin and his pals have chosen to turn their backs on the liquor and the ladies. They intend to follow a simpler, scholarly life – but can their resolve hold fast against the temptations of three beautiful, witty women? This revival of Bard’s 2015 hit makes a joyous return to 1920s Chicago and is filled with live performances of American Songbook classics.
“Thou canst expect a rip-roaring, speakeasy-happy time.” Georgia Straight (2015)
Directed again by Daryl Cloran (As You Like It, 2018; Shakespeare in Love, 2019). Runs from July 3 – September 26.

Paradise Lost – by Erin Shields
The battle is on for the souls of Adam and Eve, in this provocative retelling of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost.
Satan has been kicked out of Heaven and is bent on revenge. She learns of a new creation – “humans” – and escapes from Hell, determined to undo what God has created. In a time when we’re asking ourselves fundamental questions about the nature of humanity, playwright Erin Shields takes us beyond traditional ideas of good and evil to look deep into our own souls. First produced by the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in 2018, this is the play’s first Western Canadian staging.
“Brilliant. Irreverent, extremely funny and stingingly contemporary.” Toronto Star (2018)
Jessie Award-winner Colleen Wheeler plays Satan. Directed by Anita Rochon (Cymbeline, 2015).
Runs from July 10 – September 20.

The 31st Season will also offer a variety of special events, from orchestral and opera concerts to the popular Bard-B-Q & Fireworks nights. Updates on the 2020 Festival will be posted regularly at .

Tickets and packages: Advance sales of 2020 Bard Season Packs begin Wednesday August 21, 2019 and offer a substantial discount on tickets to all four productions. The lowest Season Pack price of the year – $167 – will be in effect until September 3, after which the price of the voucher package will rise. Flex Packs go on sale in November, and single tickets in early April 2020. Order Season Packs now through the Bard website or by calling the Bard Box Office at 604-739-0559.

NOTE: All run dates and casting are subject to change.

Cynnamon Schreinert
email us here

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Make it an Autumn to Remember at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa

Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa Fall Events

The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa has events to make this autumn season one to remember.

Join us at The Houstonian for a Paul Hobbs wine dinner.

The Paul Hobbs wine dinner complete with wine pairings and great food is just one example of the great events found at The Houstonian.

Trellis is the perfect place to stay cozy this fall season.

Trellis Spa is the perfect place to stay cozy this fall with one of their signature spa packages.

All good things must come to an end including the summer season, but The Houstonian has several events lined up that will make this fall season one to remember.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2019 / — The dog days of summer are almost over and everyone is ready to usher in cooler temps, pumpkin spice and everything nice. The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa has curated a bevy of events that will make taking advantage Houston’s autumn season easy, enjoyable and above all, luxurious. Explore these and many more special offers at The Houstonian.

Dropbox photos available here.

Autumn Awakening Weekend Package
Immerse yourself in our revitalizing weekend package designed as the perfect fall detox with a private Autumn Equinox Yoga session and a self-heating mud body treatment at Trellis Spa. The unique “cocoon” treatment prevents cellular fatigue and is designed to pull away tension and impurities leaving you re-mineralized and oxygenated. Try a complimentary Meditation or “Breathe, Move & Flow” class with your complimentary Chai Spice Smoothie at the exclusive Houstonian Club, and you will be rejuvenated and ready for the holiday rush.

Special weekend rate for deluxe accommodations, Friday, Saturday or Sunday from September through November. Add a private consultation for a fast or cleanse program or individualized program for weight loss, hormone balance or anti-inflammation with The Houstonian’s registered licensed dietician to cap off the weekend.

Autumn Awakening Weekend Package Includes:
• Houstonian Fresh Fruit amenity upon arrival
• Private Autumn Equinox Yoga session with a Houstonian Club yoga professional
• 50-minute Tension Relief Cocoon Body Treatment at Trellis Spa per guest
• One Chai Spice Smoothie per guest from Center Court Café
• Complimentary access to the exclusive Houstonian Club

Karbach Home Run Package
Get ready for some local fun and flavor! Enjoy a Houston Astros game on state-of-the-art TV’s in The Bar and crack open a couple of cold Karbach Crawford Bock beers! This hometown favorite made its debut at the 2019 Astros Fan Fest and raises funds for the Astros Foundation. Guests will also receive a Karbach gift-pack that includes two classic Karbach pilsner glasses and a tour of the Karbach Brewery, located just 10 minutes from The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa.

Karbach Home Run Package Includes:
• Deluxe Accommodations
• Two Karbach Beers at The Bar at The Houstonian
• Karbach Gift Pack that includes two classic pilsner glasses
• Complimentary Transportation to the Karbach Brewery for tour
• Complimentary access to the exclusive Houstonian Club and resort pools

Southern Smoke Festival Package
The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa is proud to be a sponsor of the popular Southern Smoke Festival. Located only 10 minutes from the festival grounds guests can stay at the iconic Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa and enjoy four on-site restaurants, classic bars, and access to the exclusive Houstonian Club.

Southern Smoke Festival Package Includes:
• Deluxe accommodations October 4-7
• Texas-themed arrival amenity
• Two complimentary cocktails at The Bar
• Three resort pools and complimentary use of the exclusive Houstonian Club
• Complimentary self-parking

Fast & Fabulous Weekend
The Houstonian Hotel celebrates fast, exotic and ultra-luxury cars with two fabulous events, September 19-23, to kick off the 2019 Houston Exotic Auto Festival. Event guests will have a chance to win a Fast & Fabulous Weekend at The Houstonian that includes a Porsche Macan or Lamborghini Urus weekend experience.

Hotel guests will see the newest exotics and super cars from Lamborghini Houston, the ultra-luxury automobiles of Rolls-Royce North Houston, and the thrilling model lineup from Porsche of North Houston, courtesy of indiGO Auto Group.

Racing Series Kick-Off Dinner
Fast & Fabulous Weekend exotic car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy fabulous food and Keven Buckler Adobe Road “Racing Series” Wines at the Racing Series Kick-off Dinner on Saturday, September 21, 7-9 p.m. in the Hearth Room at TRIBUTE.

Miraval Brunch at The Manor House
Bountiful bunch, Miraval bubbles and beautiful cars will also be available to enjoy as part of the Fast & Fabulous Weekend on September 22, from 11 a.m. -1:30 p.m. at the Historic Manor House at The Houstonian.

Paul Hobbs Wine Dinner
Join us for an evening discovering the textures and flavors of the Paul Hobbs Winery. California meets Texas as hosts Chris Hobbs and Houstonian Sommelier Vanessa Boyd showcase special vintages paired with four courses presented by Executive Chef Neal Cox.

Paul Hobbs Wine Dinner Details:
• September 20, 2019
• The Hearth Room, located in TRIBUTE.
• 6:30 – 9 p.m.
• Reservations required

Nature Hikes
Join Nature Scout Kelly for a morning of outdoor fun to explore plants, trees, animals and nature found along the wooded trail of The Houstonian property. Complimentary for Hotels Guests and Club members on Saturday & Sunday mornings in September & October from 9 to 10 a.m.

Nature Hike Breakfast in TRIBUTE.

• Only $16 + per adult and $9 for children ages 5-12 years.
• Includes kids craft project.
• Reservations are requested for hike (complimentary) and/or breakfast.
• Breakfast includes entreé and non-alcoholic beverage. Members First discount not applicable to special breakfast pricing.

Gabi De la Rosa
The Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa
+1 832-202-9600
email us here

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Restaurant Magic Promotes Erynn Kirshner to Chief Operating officer

Restaurant Magic, a leader in multi-unit back office restaurant solutions, announced that it has promoted Erynn Kirshner to Chief Operating Officer.

Erynn is a key contributor to our success and continues to exceed our expectations”

— Drew Peloubet, CEO of Restaurant Magic

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2019 / — Restaurant Magic, a leader in multi-unit back office restaurant solutions, announced that it has promoted Erynn Kirshner to Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this promotion, Mrs. Kirshner was Restaurant Magic’s Vice President of Operations. Mrs. Kirshner has been with the company for over eight years and has played an integral role in fostering a corporate culture that has led Restaurant Magic to being one of Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work. In her new role, Mrs. Kirshner will work directly with the CEO to advance the organization’s mission, vision, core values, strategic priorities, and growth goals.

Erynn Kirshner has over twenty years of experience in developing and delivering technology driven solutions, providing top tier client service, raising and empowering leaders, implementing companywide strategic initiatives, and delivering operational excellence. Her list of accomplishments since joining Restaurant Magic includes the implementation of DevOps practices, establishing an agile development framework, designing controls and processes that led to being SOC certified, and driving company growth through the retention clients and additional service lines.

As COO, she will draw upon her extensive experience in management and technology to accelerate the growth of Restaurant Magic. Prior to joining Restaurant Magic Software, Erynn was a Technology Senior Manager for Protiviti, a global consulting firm. At Protiviti she managed top-level accounts and facilitated over $4 million in revenue. Mrs. Kirshner attended the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with a minor in Economics followed by a Master of Science Degree in Decision Information Systems. She is active in charities that are close to her heart including Metropolitan Ministries, St. Jude’s Children’s, Wounded Warrior Project, Global Leadership Development, and ASPCA.

“Erynn is a key contributor to our success and continues to exceed our expectations,” said Drew Peloubet, CEO of Restaurant Magic. “She is truly dedicated to her role of ensuring the success of our teams, clients and business. We look forward to her future as the COO of Restaurant Magic.”

About Restaurant Magic
Restaurant Magic was founded over 20 years ago with a single vision of providing restaurant operators better access to their operational data. With this access, operators can make faster decisions, optimize schedules, implement predictive ordering, and create a positive impact on their bottom line. Restaurant Magic provides insight to some of the largest multi-unit brands in the world, including Dairy Queen, First Watch, Smoothie King and MOD Pizza. If you are interested in finding out more about Restaurant Magic or scheduling a demo of our software visit or call 1-800-933-4711.

Doug Pace
+1 8134441984
email us here

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A 'paw-some' way to celebrate National Dog Day

Gretchen & Jeff - House & pet sitters celebrating National Dog Day

Gretchen & Jeff – House & pet sitters celebrating National Dog Day

Jeff with Georgie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Downtown Brooklyn

Jeff with Georgie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Downtown Brooklyn

Thor the rescue dog from Boise, Idaho

Thor the rescue dog from Boise, Idaho

It’s long been known that dogs are man’s best friend, so it will come as no surprise that there is an entire day, which is dedicated to our canine companions.

We love house and pet sitting because it allows us to give and receive unconditional love to dogs while exploring neighborhoods and cities.”

— Gretchen & Jeff Ditto

BRIGHTON, SOUTH EAST, UNITED KINGDOM, August 21, 2019 / — It’s long been known that dogs are man’s best friend, so it will come as no surprise that there is an entire day, which is dedicated to our canine companions. Now in its 15th year, National Dog Day is celebrated annually on August 26th to highlight the number of rescue dogs in need of a forever home, while also recognising the love dogs bring into people’s lives.

While there are already over *89.7 million dog owners in the US, ownership is on the rise with 20 million new dogs finding homes between 2000 and 2017. Clearly a nation of dog-lovers, you don’t need to be a dog owner to celebrate this national day or enjoy all the benefits of a four-legged friend.

According to house and pet sitting company TrustedHousesitters, dog sitting has grown in popularity across the US in recent years. Angela Laws, Community Manager of TrustedHousesitters says: “Between 2018 and 2019, we have seen a 54% increase in the number of dog sits available in the US and a 35% increase globally which shows just how popular dog sitting is becoming as a new travel trend.

“It’s the perfect way for dog lovers, longing for the company of a canine companion, to sit and stay in a home away from home. With members in over 130 countries, we are creating connections across the world while helping to keep more dogs happy at home when their owners travel.”

Dog lovers like Gretchen and Jeff from Santa Monica, California, are among the thousands of sitters spending National Dog Day in the company of other people’s dogs. Gretchen said: “We love house and pet sitting because it allows us to give and receive unconditional love to dogs while exploring neighborhoods and cities. What better way to feel at home in a place than by taking a dog for a walk?

So far we’ve cared for 9 dogs, all of whom have been such big characters. We were particularly fond of Thor in Boise, Idaho who was great! Well, they are all great, but he was an especially fun little guy because he was a rescue from China. When we first met him, he wasn’t sure of us, but by the end of our stay, it was hard to get him to leave our sides. He’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

We love dogs because they love to play, eat and sleep – just like us! And we love caring for peoples homes and pets while they are on vacation because we don’t feel as much like tourists. It’s also a great way to save money on accommodation!

We’re planning on spending National Dog Day reminiscing about all the furry friends we’ve fallen in love with while scrolling TrustedHousesitters for another sweet dog to care for.”

To celebrate National Dog Day, we’ve rounded up some of the most adorable dogs and their exceptional homes both here in the US and overseas available on TrustedHousesitters. Whether you’re after a city escape in New York, a relaxing retreat in Hawaii or a getaway on the beaches of Australia, these beautiful homes will guarantee dog-loving travellers an unforgettable experience in the company of some seriously adorable new friends.

Brooklyn, United States
Discover the fairytale city this Christmas with Riley the puppy

San Francisco, CA, United States
Let Troy take the lead and show you around this cultural melting pot

Kula, HI, United States
Spend lazy days beside the ocean with Ruger the German Shorthaired Pointer

London, United Kingdom
Let Ele and Gus take the lead and show you the city

Kuranda, Australia
Soak up the sun in your own private pool with Cookie the English Staffordshire-X

Ko Samui, Thailand
Take in views of the island with Raffa, Bella and Gandhi – a trio of Terriers

Sitges, Spain
Sink your feet in golden sands with Loulou the Daschund

Ripatransone, Italy
Head to the hills and admire the views with dogs Buttercup and Gidget and Luna the cat

— Ends —

About TrustedHousesitters

TrustedHousesitters is the pet care solution keeping pets happy at home while helping people to travel since 2010. Its members pay just once a year to connect and exchange home and pet care for the chance to stay with pets in unique places. With neither owner nor sitters charging money, it’s a special exchange that helps pet owners travel with peace of mind while pet-loving sitters get to experience life somewhere new.

Based in the UK, TrustedHousesitters has members in over 130 countries and is the largest house and pet sitting platform of its kind.

To download high-res imagery from the above listings, please visit:

For more information, please contact TrustedHousesitters:

Angela Laws:
Amanda Fenby:
Contact number: 03302 232 544

*Dog ownership statistics –

Liam Beauchamp
+44 330 223 2544
email us here

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Stonehill Expands Executive Team with Healthcare Innovation Executive

Stonehill announced today that Teddi Barber has joined the firm as Vice President. Teddi will be responsible for delivery of business transformation services.

Her unique experience in healthcare innovation, change management, and financial modeling makes her a perfect fit for our team.”

— Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill

TAMPA, FL, USA, August 21, 2019 / — Stonehill announced today that Teddi Barber has joined the firm as Vice President. Teddi will be responsible for the delivery of business transformation services that include strategy facilitation, design thinking, business intelligence, financial modeling, and organizational design. She will also contribute to the overall strategy of the firm and actively lead business development activities.

Prior to joining Stonehill, Teddi served as part of the corporate management team for Shriners Hospitals for Children®. At Shriners she managed the Organization’s largest Division located at its International Headquarters. Her sphere of influence spanned corporate financial management, leadership of large-scaled programs directed at value generation, contracting and development of cross-synergistic opportunities for high return yields.

Teddi holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of South Florida. She is currently pursuing a Fellowship with the American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE). Passionate about change management, Teddi is a noted speaker on strategic vision, cultural change and business agility. Teddi is a former Board of Director for Dress for Success Tampa Bay and currently serves the Organization in an Advisory capacity. Teddi is a committed supporter of the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida and has served as a Coach and Mentor with their Camp CEO program.

“We are excited to have Teddi join the Stonehill team” said Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill. “Her unique experience in healthcare innovation, change management, and financial modeling makes her a perfect fit for our team.”

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. As recognized experts in Design Thinking, Customer Experience, and Business Intelligence, Stonehill helps companies to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth. Our teams consist of an innovative blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management experts, giving us the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for Startup of the year, the US Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist for Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.

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Sangria on Tap at the Hulmeville Inn


HULMEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2019 / — The Hulmeville Inn announces its newest selection on tap, a homemade sangria. The Hulmeville Inn is rolling out a homemade sangria which will rotate in flavor based on the changing of the seasons.

The first flavor on tap is a refreshing peach sangria, which is a perfect end-of-summer beverage. The peach sangria is made in house and fortified with peach vodka, peach schnapps, and orange liqueur, and then served to patrons on the rocks with a slice of peach.

The sangria uses Chablis as a base, which is frequently described as having citrus and white flower aromas with dry, lean, light-bodied flavors of citrus and pear.

Next, Pinnacle peach vodka is added to the sangria which helps to capture the light sweetness of a juicy peach, while the Dekuyper peachtree schnapps adds a liqueur that is bursting with the taste of tree-ripe peaches.

To perfect the recipe, we finish off our sangria by adding a small amount of house-made simple syrup. The result is a light and fruity, refreshing blend which is perfect for the remaining summer months.

Next up on tap will be a watermelon sangria with a sweeter Moscato as a base. The fall’s change of leaves will bring red sangrias and flavors of pumpkin spice to the tap. Winter’s cold months with then bring flavors of mulled wine and winter cheer.

More About The Hulmeville Inn:
We are located at 4 Trenton Road in historic Hulmeville, Bucks County, PA. We have been pouring craft beer and serving pub food since 1997. We average over 550 unique kegs of craft beer per year. Repeats don't count towards the total! Peruse the site for events, happy hour specials, and current draft & bottle selections. Visit our website to sign up for our email list to be notified when we tap a new keg or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can contact us today at 215-750-6893.

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