Kazakhstan beauty Olga Sokol

Olga Soko

The Green Apple bonds me with Kazakhstan says Olga Sokol

Olga Sokol the Kazakhstan beauty who is never fazed by the derogatory portrayal of her country by British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Olga Sokol the Kazakhstan beauty who is never fazed by the derogatory portrayal of her country by British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen now living in Sydney is best known for his creation and portrayal of the fictional satirical characters Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno Gehard. You will often see Olga Sokol in front of the camera on location shoots for well-known brands such as ‘Fendi’ or ‘Burberry’ in Sydney while she builds her name and reputation in Australia as a model, actress and fitness instructor. Sokol has traveled the world since 2020 eventually settling in Australia where she now calls Sydney home. “I believe that we all play different roles in everyday life and it’s important to define which of those roles is your main and most important focus in life”, explained Sokol.

I asked Sokol what she felt was more important for an actor, talent, or training?- “While talent is important, training, hard work are what sets a successful actor apart from many others who try and fail in this profession. No matter how talented you are’ practice makes you better’ and ‘more confident’. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you look at any notable actor’s career, they spend a lot of time in minor roles until they get their break. The opportunity which resulted in them becoming a star was due to their persistence, not luck”, smiled Sokol.
Which types of acting do you feel you are most suited for? “Movie and Theater actors are different and require different skills. Movies are about the thrill of the story, greater ability to express details and emotions and in many ways limitless. Theater on the other hand is the love of performing in front of people but there is no second take. Personally, I always enjoy the opportunity to improvise, add my own character if allowed. Understanding the director is everything.”

Tell me about your experience working in film and television in Kazakhstan? “To be honest, it goes back further and each time I am asked this question I reflect to my childhood. In kindergarten I was on stage singing and performing all through to high school and University. Winning ‘Miss Tomsk Polytechnic University’ (a talent contest) in 2002 is when my TV and modelling career blossomed. In Kazakhstan I continued my study in acting. While working on a theater play called the “The Three-penny Opera” under the direction of Natasha Dubs – well known Kazakhstan director I was happy to find I was Pregnant. Phillip my son today shares the same passion with both dance and theater. Since 2016 I’ve acted in 9 films some Small episodes several as lead actor. My favorite was a leading role in a ‘social film’ produced by ‘Channel KTKTV’ ‘called “One country-One destiny’ (Odna strana-Odna sudba) about the Stalin regime and the humanity of many people. I also had main role in a comedy “Unesennye reysom” directed by talented and respected Serikbol Uteobergenov. I loved working with Kazakhstan directors ‘Akan Satayev’ in ‘Rayony’, ‘Askar Uzabayev’ and “Daughter-in-law is a human too”. “Prior to coming to Australia in 2020 I lived in Indonesia, a great experience with regular modelling work. I was also offered 5 lead roles in Kazakhstan movies that I couldn’t take due to Covid – absolutely heartbreaking!”

Has the Movie ‘Borat’ really made a difference to the people of your country please give me any examples? – “For my friends in Kazakhstan, ‘BORAT’ was a bit of a journey. Initially it seemed an insult but as the irony set in, the realization was more about what this movie did for the country. Though not really about Kazakhstan, it portrayed an image that hardly seemed fair at first site, it was a wake-up call as Kazakhstan is a young country with a small population and still evolving. With remoteness, clearly not much was known about it. The positive side of “the Borat” effect is it did spark interest on learning more about Kazakhstan. Talk of ‘Borat’ sparks conversation about what we are really like and what is a sense of being Kazakh. I believe this is where the image of the country comes down to every person – be a worthy representative of your country. I agree on the words of ‘Kazakh pop group’ called ‘Irina Kairatovna’ who said -“Borat should be shown to students as a part of a curriculum as example of international image of their country, so they try to do their best to change it.” I do believe Kazakhstan has a bright future being rich with natural resources and talented people. By the way, love the recent win of Grammy Award by Kazakh musician Imanbek! Alga Kazakhstan,” laughed Sokol.

You have been photographed by many people in Australia since your arrival in 2020. How has life for you as a mother and model been for you before and during Covid lock-downs?- "In fact, I arrived just as restrictions all started. Being totally new to the country isolated for several weeks with two young children presented many challenges while doing interesting commercial photographic projects visiting beautiful parts of Australia. I also started teaching Pilates, in the end of 2020 it helps me perfect my body tone and movements and gives a great opportunity to model for sports wear and accessories. I thank my family who are very supportive of my artistic nature. Acting and modelling has always been a big part of my life. It keeps me motivated and encourages me to get better in everything I do which of course reflects in my day to day enjoyment in both general and family life.”

Olga Sokol is a very unique individual with an ability to adapt to any modelling or acting situation. It was a pleasure interviewing her and I’m sure we will see more of her.

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Matthew Keezer Talks About The Safest International Travel Destinations for Summer 2021

Matthew Keezer Travels the world

Matthew Keezer Travels the world

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — More and more countries are reopening their borders to leisure travel and relaxing their safety measures and entry requirements. While some travelers are still eager to explore top tourist destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean, others are searching for locations that prioritize safety in the time of COVID-19.

Matthew Keezer, founder of Momentum Travel, brings four safest destinations travelers can visit in summer 2021.

Travelers often overlook the island of Grenada due to other bigger Caribbean islands. However, many travelers are surprised when they discover all the fantastic things they can do when visiting the "Spice Isle." From visiting the nearby islands to trying out new exciting watersports and experiencing the traditional Fish Friday, a trip to Grenada is undoubtedly a great way to make unforgettable memories.
Currently, the CDC has issued a Level 1 Travel Health Notice for the island, indicating a low level of COVID-19. To visit Grenada, travelers are required to bring a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure, download Grenada's contact tracing app and complete a travel authorization form.

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations, known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples. Matthew Keezer says that Thailand has a lot to offer, from island hopping to diving and enjoying sunsets at sky bars.
Recently, Thailand started a four-stage plan to welcome back tourists, ease restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers and shorten mandatory quarantine requirements. Currently, Thailand is one of the few destinations to receive a Level 2 Travel Health Notice, indicating only a moderate level of COVID-19 within the country's borders.

French Polynesia
What many travelers love about French Polynesia is the feeling of peace and serenity they get from the very moment they enter the destination. French Polynesia is internationally known for diving, and each archipelago offers incredible opportunities for divers. Travelers can also go on amazing hikes or spend their days at the gorgeous beaches.

On May 1, Tahiti and Bora Bora reopened to foreign visitors, with precautions such as "virological monitoring, serological testing, vaccination, and ETIS (Electronic Travel Information System)" in effect. Matthew Keezer says that tourists should always check country travel regulations to stay up to date with the latest requirements. Currently, tourists who have not been vaccinated need to quarantine for ten days upon entry.

Belize is quite a small country, occupying only about 9,000 square miles. But, Matthew Keezer says that despite its small size, Belize has quite a lot to offer to travelers. Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Great Blue Hole are two of the most beautiful destinations in the barrier reef for swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers. At the Belize Zoo, visitors can wonder at Belize's majestic jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, parakeets, and keel-billed toucans. Mayan archeological sites such as Corozal, Altun Ha, and Lamanai will inspire culture hounds to new heights.

The best part is that Belize is one of only 15 countries in the world to receive a Level 2 travel advisory from the U.S. State Department. Also, the CDC has issued a Level 2 Travel Health Notice for this country, making it a relatively safe travel destination for summer 2021.

Before making any final reservations and booking flights, Matthew Keezer recommends all travelers to educate themselves on the current situation in the country they are planning to visit to avoid unnecessary surprises. The majority of countries do have certain requirements, such as a PCR test or mandatory quarantine protocols, and it's for the best to travel prepared.

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Time for Summer Travel Seat Sitters is keeping your surrounds safe LET’S FACE IT – IT’S A GERMY WORLD

Seat Sitter Products

Seat Sitters On The Go

It's safe to travel again —Using Seat Sitters to keep area safe.

“At Seat Sitters we are proud to be an environmentally conscious green company and have gone to great lengths to create a reusable and recyclable products that reduces waste.”

— Gina Hoensheid, Founder, Seat Sitter

It's safe to travel again — well, almost. COVID-19 cases are falling and people are starting to talk about vacations. Optimism about travel is hitting record highs. And just try to say "travel" without prefacing it with "pent-up demand."

When it comes to travel, How do you travel safely this Summer? Traveling during a pandemic is a little different than typical summer travel. People need to be creative and flexible in their planning and how they pack safety items.

What started out as an idea to help keep Seat Sitter, Founder, Gina Hoensheid's family as free from germs as possible has evolved into something greater than her wildest dreams: a company helping many families across the world to keep themselves healthier and in less contact with germs on a daily basis. Gina Hoensheid came up with the idea of Seat Sitters, long before Covid-19 simply because as her growing family traveled, someone was always getting sick. Now this entrepreneur says in the past year she has seen many “like” businesses come to the market. Hoensheid sees the market expanding because families want to stay safe but stands strongly in the belief of the quality and care of the product Seat Sitters has created. The company's stylish lifestyle and travel kits are lightweight and easy to carry and use no matter where individuals want to take them.

“At Seat Sitters we are proud to be an environmentally conscious green company and have gone to great lengths to create a reusable and recyclable products that reduces waste, states Hoensheid. “Our company is not just about us; we are about doing our part to make the planet cleaner and healthier for generations to come.”

Hoensheid first launched Seat Sitters in 2018 as something you would take on an airplane. Customers can use the travel kits on a bus, airplane, in a waiting room, spa or salon, restaurants, in a movie theatre, or on an Uber ride. Seat Sitters are designed to give the power back to the consumer to keep themselves and their space clean and healthy wherever they are going and that doesn’t always mean getting on an airplane as we once thought when we first developed the product. 

More recently Seat Sitters has introduced the Healthy Lifestyle Kit. The difference between these kits is the “Nut Free” sticker in the travel kit and the gloves in the lifestyle kit. Consumers can purchase the Healthy Travel Kit or Healthy Lifestyle Kit at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon, Brookstone and the Seat Sitters website at seatsitters.com

Available in adult and kid editions, Seat Sitters are lightweight seat covers that protect against allergies, and germs. Each cover is made from eco-friendly, machine-washable fabric. The kit Includes: 1 Seat Cover, 2 disposable tray table covers (with adhesive, to stay in place during flight), 2 Face Masks, 10 Pack Antibacterial Wipes, 1 0.5 fl oz Hand Sanitizer, 1 "No-Nut" Sticker.

Not only does the company work towards making travel safe for customers, but the founder, Gina Hoensheid and the Seat Sitter Team, which is small and mighty, also gives back to multiple charities and her community. Some of the charities that the founder has contributed to include: Miracle Flights, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, FARE, Granting Grace Foundation for Childhood Cancer, Girl Scouts, Make A Wish, The Pink Fund, and The Rainbow Connection.

About Seat Sitters: On a mission to make airplane travel cleaner and healthier, entrepreneur Gina Hoensheid created the Seat Sitters kit out of a necessity for germ and illness-free airplane travel for her husband and children during vacations. The brand was featured on ABC World News Now, Forbes.com, The Boston Globe, Inc.com, Yahoo Finance, Travel and Leisure, Womens’ World, The Detroit Free Press and MSN to name a few. This patent-pending kit was also named to the Amazon.com “Choice List.” Seat Sitters also prides itself on being a charitable organization. Giving back is not just a choice, it’s a mandate for the company.

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Seat Sitters Travel Packing Video

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Elizabeth Stanton, Host of The CW's "World's Funniest Animals", on 5 Facts About Animal Shelters in America

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When looking at the makeup of American families today, it’s rare to see a home where a pet isn’t part of the family. According to the most recent data from the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of households—or around 85 million homes—own a pet. Of these households, dogs and cats top the list of most popular pets, with 63 million and 43 million households owning dogs and cats, respectively.

In exploring the history of animal shelters and rescue organizations in the country, nothing proves as problematic as the lack of a centralized reporting system to collect data on these organizations. Most of the shelter statistics that are available and accepted today are estimates based on several period surveys, including the aforementioned APPA National Pet Owners Survey along with the AVMA U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. Without a nationally codified and streamlined process for collecting, organizing, and reporting on shelter data, there has been a grave lack of transparency around the country’s shelters. That makes it difficult not only to pinpoint accurate statistics regarding sheltered animals in America but also to understand the true state of animal welfare in the country, which is the first step to improving that welfare.

Luckily, there has been an increasingly concerted effort by animal welfare organizations and animal shelters across the country to change the lack of comprehensive and reliable data available regarding U.S. animal shelters. Besides more and more shelters voluntarily providing data through self-reporting, there has been a rise in organizations aiming to boost data transparency in…

1. Most animals enter shelters as strays

While many animals end up at shelters after being relinquished by their owners, twice as many animals still come into shelters as strays rather than house pets that owners willingly surrendered. Based on the available figures, it’s estimated that there are around 70 million stray cats and dogs throughout the U.S.

2. The average age of shelter animals is pretty young

There is a common misconception that adopting an animal from a shelter means having to opt for an older animal. However, the average age of dogs given up to shelters is actually between five months and two years old, according to a report from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

3. Owner surrender is a major driver of shelter populations

Many animals end up in shelters because of homelessness or situations of animal cruelty, but many pets are also surrendered to shelters by their owners. Based on data collected by Petfinder, some primary reasons for owner surrender of dogs include moving (7%), landlord disputes (6%), and unmanageable costs (5%). For owner surrender of cats, the leading reasons include too many pets in the house (11%), allergies (8%), and moving (8%).

4. Few states require shelters to report annual data

Despite the value that comprehensive data could provide in improving shelter operations and transparency, there’s an overwhelming lack of information due to the absence of a centralized reporting system for shelters. Only about 20% of states require shelters to report any kind of annual data at all, which is part of the reason there has been such a lack of readily available reliable information thus far.

5. It only takes eight minutes to pick a shelter animal

Although pet adoption is a commitment and requires several considerations before it should be undertaken, research shows that selecting a dog once you’re ready to adopt may be a pretty quick one. A study by the Journal of the International Society for Applied Ethology found that potential adopters decide whether to adopt a dog within about eight minutes of interacting with them.


Elizabeth Stanton


Elizabeth Stanton has been a world traveler her entire life, experiencing the culture of Europe, the wonders of the Far East, and the natural beauty of remote destinations. She started hosting “Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World” at the age of 15, and it was watched in 90% of the United States at its peak and is the top-rated show on FOX affiliates nationwide. In the show, she travels the globe with her celebrity friends exploring other cultures, learning about history, and finding opportunities to help those in need, while shedding some light on what others less fortunate are dealing with. The show featured stars like Bailee Madison, Jake T. Austin, Gregg Sulkin, and Garrett Clayton, and filmed in places all over the world, from the USA to Nicaragua to Paris to Beijing. She continues to film new episodes of Great Big World, which has been running for nine years and this is now the 10th year in which it continues to remain strong.

Elizabeth is very passionate about giving back and is a supporter of Marines Toys for Tots Foundation, donating thousands of toys to the organization over the last few years. In addition, she has donated money earned from her show to the homeless men, women, and children of Los Angeles, ultimately helping to feed over 4000 families in Los Angeles for two months. Earlier this year, Elizabeth teamed with Buca Di Beppo to distribute 10,000 meals between Los Angeles and New York to healthcare frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Violinist Francisco Salazar And Pianist Max Lifchitz Will Perform Virtual 'Hommages' Monday June 14 @ 4 PM

Max Lifchitz and Francisco Salazar

Max Lifchitz and Francisco Salazar

Included will be recent works from Ofer Ben-Amots, John Bilotta, Allan Crossman, Max Lifchitz, David Osbon, and William Toutant.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Violinist Francisco Salazar and pianist Max Lifchitz welcome the arrival of summer performing works that reimagine music from the past.

The program will introduce compositions inspired by the music of Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Crumb, Debussy, Elgar, Messiaen and Schumann.

Included will be recent works from Ofer Ben-Amots, John Bilotta, Allan Crossman, Max Lifchitz, David Osbon, and William Toutant.

Sponsored by North/South Consonance, Inc., the event will take place on Monday afternoon June 14.

It will start at 4 PM (EST) and end around 5:30 PM.

It will be streamed live through the National Opera Center YouTube channel @


Venezuelan American violinist Francisco Salazar made his solo debut with orchestra at age 8 and toured the world with the legendary Simon Bolivar Orchestra which he joined at age 14. He perfected his craft at The Juilliard School, where he obtained his BM and MM degrees. He has had the honor of performing for two presidents of Venezuela; the Crown Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg; and the consuls of Venezuela and India in New York. A long-time member of the New Jersey Symphony, he frequently appears as concertmaster with the Harrisburg Symphony in Pennsylvania and has worked under notable conductors including Pierre Boulez, Kurt Mazur, Seiji Ozawa and Stanislav Skrowaczewski.

Pianist Max Lifchitz was awarded first prize in the 1976 International Gaudeamus Competition for Performers of Twentieth Century Music held in Holland.
He has appeared on concert stages throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States and has recorded over 60compact disc albums.
The San Francisco Chronicle described him as "a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist" while The New York Times praised Mr. Lifchitz for his "clean, measured and sensitive performances.” The American Record Guide referred to him as “…one of America's finest exponents of contemporary piano music."

Active since 1980, North/South Consonance, Inc. is devoted to the promotion of music by composers from the Americas and the world. Its activities are made possible in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs as well as the generosity of numerous individual donors.

For details about North/South Consonance's activities please visit


For a complete list of recordings in the North/South Recordings Catalogue go to

Max Lifchitz
North/South Consonance, Inc
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Matthew Keezer Talks About Rome – A Marvel of Antiquity and Modern Luxury

Matthew Keezer in Rome

Matthew Keezer in Rome

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — You could spend a lifetime appreciating and absorbing the history and culture of this ancient city. For the ultimate in vacation spots,
spend time investigating centuries old building while saving the evenings for world-class excitement.

Travel expert Matthew Keezer recommends Rome as a vacation spot that exhibits the extremes of tourist entertainment. Here, you have the icons of Christian antiquity from a time when the religion was first formed. Indeed, it can be difficult to know where to visit first. Needless to say, you will develop your own itinerary, but there are certain sights that are considered nearly mandatory to visit once you’re there –the Colosseum, for example.

Matthew Keezer also mentions that Rome is a hotspot for the world’s elite and thus, you have the amenities that go along with it.
Excellent bars are to be found throughout the city and the quality of the cuisine is superb. However, he also notes that when you first arrive, try not to schedule visiting too many churches or ancient sites all at once. There are other types of attractions that are also available for your enjoyment.

Just remember that Rome is overwhelmingly large, so you may wish to refrain from turning your vacation into a frantic sightseeing
chore. You will also want to spend some time kicking back and enjoying a sidewalk café. In any case, for both the new and experienced tourist, Rome is the place to be!

Things to Do in Rome

Matthew Keezer suggests checking out the following attractions once you’re in Rome, which may include:

– The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine – When you think of the silhouette of Paris, you think of the Eiffel Tower. However, when it comes to Rome, it’s the Flavian Amphitheater. The Colosseum is the original model of today’s sports venues, such as football and baseball. It came into service in AD 80 and featured both famous and infamous entertainment for all class of citizens. Make sure to arrange a tour with a knowledgeable guide and learn about its incredible history.

– Vatican City – As a tiny independent state of the world, the Vatican is home to the Roman Catholic Pope as well as many treasures of the Christian faith. St Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica are popular tourist sites. There are also museums that you will want to visit, as well.

– The Pantheon – This is one of the best-preserved architectural monuments of Roman history. Having been rebuilt after a fire in AD 80, the structure exhibits the amazing achievements of ancient Roman architecture. The 43-meter dome is constructed without visible supports and a 9-meter opening in the center is its only light source!

– Rome’s Nightlife – Rome has an exciting nightlife to offer for the more adventurous tourist. There are a number of bars and places where you can become one of the “exciting night time crowd”.

Of course, Matthew Keezer would also like to remind travelers they will want to follow any COVID restrictions, which are currently in place, by viewing the local government websites.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the ordinary and start your new vacation agenda, you don’t want to miss visiting Rome. Matthew Keezer also reminds you to make your reservations as soon as possible as to avoid any future crowding.

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GALAPAGOS: From 1st July, Red Carpet Treatment for Vaccinated Travellers

Galapagos ship Samba expedition volcano sea

The 14 passenger Samba is a typical mid-range expedition ship in Galapagos.

galapagos marine iguana beach cruise expedition reptile

Galapagos marine iguana – where reptiles continue to dominate

Galapagos volcano erupting at night

Volcanic eruptions: A rare but unforgettable Galapagos scene

It's official. From 1st July, anyone who is fully vaccinated can enter the Galapagos islands without any other COVID testing.

The islands are the last place on Earth were reptiles dominate the landscape – just like in Jurassic Park”

— Heather Blenkiron, TridAdvisor Destination Expert for Galapagos

PUERTO AYORA, GALAPAGOS, ECUADOR, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Starting on 1 July, travellers to the iconic Galapagos Islands will be spared the logistical headache, the discomfort and the price of having to undertake one, and possibly even 2 PCR tests. Until then, on arrival in Galapagos, they will still need to show evidence of a negative PCR test no older than 96 hours (4 days) prior to arrival.

As vaccines are rolled out, and as more and more people are fully vaccinated, this will make things a lot easier for travellers. “The 4 day window was too tight for many to take the PCR test at home, before their international departure, and make it to Galapagos”, says Heather Blenkiron, owner of CNH Tours – a Galapagos travel company based in Ottawa, and also the TripAdvisor Destination Expert for Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands are the jewels in the crown of global wildlife destinations. Well-conserved, visitors on small ship expedition cruises there can expect to swim with sea lions, penguins, sea turtles and even sharks, sometimes on the same outing. “The islands are the last place on Earth were reptiles dominate the landscape – just like in Jurassic Park” says Blenkiron. In pre-COVID times, 75,000 people a year booked a cruise there.

“Many of my guests had to take a PCR test at home before their flight to Ecuador, and once on the Ecuadorian mainland, take yet another test for their flight to Galapagos. That’s a real turnoff for a lot of people” Blenkiron explains. She indicated that a lot of people were holding back on their Galapagos travel plans until travel logistics became less onerous.

The Government of Ecuador only recently allowed proof of full vaccination, at least 14 days earlier, as sufficient for entry into the county’s mainland. However, in Galapagos, the requirement for a negative PCR test was maintained. This difference irked the residents of Galapagos, whose adult population was fully vaccinated in an April-May campaign. “Tourism was completely dead after COVID hit last year” says Fernando Ortiz, a long time naturalist guide and Galapagos resident. “Things have picked up a bit, but I estimate that we’re only at 10-15% of what we had before COVID”.

Confidence in Galapagos travel was further bolstered earlier this week when the US State Department reduced its travel advisory to Ecuador from the maximum Level 4 (do not travel) to a less alarming Level 3 (reconsider travel).

“I’m getting an increasing amount of inquiries – mostly from Americans who have been vaccinated and are eager to travel. Bookings are starting to go up. I suspect that once this news gets out a bit more, things will ramp up quickly” says Blenkiron.

CNH Tours has been helping people plan their Galapagos trip of a lifetime since 1999. Their two front line staff lived and worked in Galapagos for a collective 16 years and they travel back regularly. A 9 night package, including 2 nights in Quito and 7 nights aboard a decent, 16 passenger ship, and domestic flights starts at about US$5,000 / person, from Quito.

Heather Blenkiron
CNH Tours
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Galapagos State of Conservation: Under the United Nations Microscope

Next month, the United Nations will gather to review the state of conservation of this iconic World Heritage Site.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (ON), CANADA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In July, the countries of the world will gather (on-line) to review the state of conservation of World Heritage (WH) sites. They elect 21 representatives amongst themselves to sit on the powerful World Heriage All World Heritage (WH) Committee. This committee sites are subjected to international scrutiny, ensuring that the commitment to conserve the values for which they were allowed onto the World Heritage List is upheld.

The UNESCO WH Convention came into force in 1976 – it’s the only UN Convention to our knowledge under which countries give up a little bit of their sovereignty in exchange for having its most outstanding natural and cultural heritage sites formally recognized.

To get a site recognized under the Convention, a country must formally submit a very detailed proposal in which they must present the case for inscription. Only sites that meet strict technical criteria and demonstrate the “outstanding universal values” recognized by the Convention can be considered for the list. Proposals and their justifying documentation often run at over 1,000 pages. The process for developing and formally submitting such a proposal can take several years.

Every year, UNESCO’s WH Committee (comprised of 21 elected representatives from among the nearly 200 countries that have ratified the Convention) will review these proposals, and guided by advice from technical experts, will decide on which new sites may be allowed onto the list. The yearly event, usually in July, generates a tremendous amount of press coverage around the world. A country having its site recognized by UNESCO is like winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Local, regional and national politicians rejoice when a site is inscribed under their watch.

Above: World Heritage Committee meeting in St Petersburg


But things don’t stop there. Once having had their site admitted into the exclusive WH club, governments commit to maintaining minimum conservation standards. To that end, the WH Convention secretariat in Paris (where I worked for 11 years) carries out on-going monitoring of a site’s state of conservation. Through a variety of direct and indirect means, it gathers information / intelligence and assesses if a particular site risks falling afoul of WH Convention requirements.

At its annual meeting, the WH Committee will also take several days to review “State of Conservation Reports” for up to 200 WH sites that, for one reason or another, elicit concerns in regards to their conservation status.


This July, the state of conservation of Galapagos will be subjected to the WH Committee’s review. I used to lead that effort at the WH Convention’s secretariat (the WH Centre) and would produce, with support from technical advisors, the “Galapagos State of Conservation Report”. The report described the latest information on conservation threats to the site, along with a summary of the Ecuadorian government’s own report on its efforts at dealing with them. It concludes with a “draft decision” for the WH Committee to adopt, or amend. Once completed, the State of Conservation report would be sent to the 21 members of the WH Committee for their review several weeks before the annual meeting. At the meeting, I would present the content of the report, along with our technical advisors, and we would field questions from the Committee.

WH Committee decisions usually call for the government to take specific actions on specific issues. In the worst case scenario, should the WH Committee determine that a country is not assuming its responsibilities in conservation a site, it could decide to remove that site from the list (this has happened only twice in the history of the Convention).

The 2021 WH Committee meeting will be held on-line, from the 16th to the 31st of July. The Galapagos State of Conservation report has recently been made public and can be consulted here (I have extracted the relevant 6 pages from the 492 page document).

For those keen on understanding the mechanics of international conservation efforts through the WH Convention, it’s a good opportunity to be appraised of those issues that raise concerns. In brief, these are:

Fishing/collecting aquatic resources (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing / collection of aquatic resources)
Legal framework (inadequate implementation of the Special Law on Galápagos)
Identity, social cohesion, changes in local population and community (high immigration rate)
Illegal activities
Impacts of tourism / visitor / recreation
Invasive Alien Species / biosecurity (inadequate and ineffective quarantine measures)
Major visitor accommodation and associated infrastructure
For a full description, see the report here.

Marc Patry
CNH Tours
+1 6137401104

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Why Small Businesses in Ontario Need Protection from Government

Alternative safe business practices have been provided to Government officials for over a year with no effort to help small businesses stay open.

To be Canadian is to be socially responsible for your fellow Canadian. It is time that we come together as Canadians and help the small business owner that has been treated as non-essential.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since March of 2020, Edward Henry has worked with health and safety professionals, epidemiologists, business professionals and many others to develop universal standards for safe business practices. It was clear from the beginning that we were not prepared for pandemic. You cannot change an entire way of life and an entire way of doing business without a plan for adoption. That was never clearer than months after the first series of lockdowns throughout North America, and the rest of the globe.

On June 11, 2020, Edward Henry announced that Social Distance Management has launched Social Distance Advisory to provide consistency and transparency to determine the level of vigilance required for safe business practices. Over the next few months, Edward Henry continued to contact many elected officials throughout Ontario to discuss how this conformity system will keep people safe, but businesses will be able open, and have access to the audits, traffic plans, and other resources that were launched to help companies conform to standards of managing space and cleanliness.

Feb 26, 2021, not for profit group (SmALL Business is Essential) SBE Canada was formed to promote safe practices and aid small businesses across North America. The plan was to recruit the right candidate to lead this organization into a better normal.

June 1, 2021, SBE Canada was renamed SBE United. Edward Henry resigned as president of SBE and named Steve Anderson as the new president of SBE United. SBE United will release resources developed by Social Distance Management to the public, including self certification and audits.

Since May of 2020, Edward Henry and his team of employees and volunteers have contacted most of Ontario’s MPPs to discuss the possibility of providing resources to the government and businesses throughout Ontario. These efforts were commonly redirected to several different departments, agencies, and other representatives, but not one of these representatives explored the possibility of exploring alternative methods that could keep small businesses open.

Many of these businesses have been forced to close because of the classification of non-essential goods and/or services, when instead we should have been allowing businesses to operate based on whether they can protect customers and employees while operating safely. Many small businesses have made large investments to become compliant only to discover that there is no standard of compliance. Small businesses have made extensive efforts, using borrowed funds, to meet standards that were set by government, only to be shut down and unable to open for months at a time. At the same time, so called essential businesses have operated for most of the pandemic with little or no oversite or restrictions to their sales, until inspections became frequent, and sales restrictions were enforced during the third wave lockdown.

Ontario small businesses deserved more than a leader who did not lead, and a government that has been inconsistent and overreactive. It appears that the Ontario government was never interested in giving small business the ability to explore safe business practices and the only option for them were lockdowns and vaccines. When considering the effort, the lack of transparency, and the lies from these leaders, it appears that the strategy was to hold the economy hostage through lockdowns until a fair trade-off of vaccines was completed.

SBE United will continue to support small business and promote universal compliance throughout Ontario and the rest of North America. It is also SBE United’s mission to raise the necessary funding for many business owners that continue to struggle after the longest lockdown in North America. Small businesses deserve better than the lies, lack of effort, ambiguity, and resistance that has been provided by the representatives they elected.

Small business owners that are currently struggling and need transition assistance or have experienced closures can register their membership at no cost. Visit https://sbeunited.org/

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PXG Announces Title Sponsorship of Professional Women’s Golf Championship at World Golf Village

PXG Celebrates Women's Golf with a New Pro Tournament

PXG announces the first professional women’s golf tournament in Jacksonville since 1976

Generation W logo

Collaborating with Generation W, the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship is a celebration of women’s initiatives on and off the golf course.

World Golf Village logo

The PXG WMPC is being hosted at World Golf Village

Exceptional Sponsor Slate Features Bentley & Maserati, Sqairz Golf Shoes,
Cox Media Group and Kessler Creative

We are thrilled to further celebrate and support women in golf with the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship creating an opportunity for these talented women to progress their career.”

— PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL, USA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Making a statement about its commitment to women’s golf, PXG is stepping up as the title sponsor of the newly-named, PXG Women’s Match Play Championship. This unique, two-week tournament series for women professional players will take place at World Golf Village October 25-November 5, 2021.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to further celebrate and support women in golf with our sponsorship of the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship,” PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons said. “This highly competitive playing experience creates an exceptional opportunity for these talented women to hone their skills and fight to progress their golf career. I can’t wait to watch them play!”

Produced by MediaShare Consulting Group and On the Green Consulting, The PXG Women’s Match Play Championship is one of fourteen official events on the Women’s All Pro Tour (WAPT). The WAPT is the Official Qualifying Tour for the LPGA’s Symetra Tour, providing more opportunities for women to play professional golf and to advance their careers to the next level and offers its winners exemptions into Symetra Tour events. Said MediaShare Managing Partner, Mark D. Berman, “If the Symetra Tour is the Road to the LPGA, then events like ours and tours like WAPT and Cactus Tour are the on-ramps.” He continued, “For the past ten or so years, the industry has done an amazing job at cultivating young girls to play this great game, much of that messaging centered on playing professionally. Now those girls are coming out of college wanting to further their career. This is a passion project inspired by our personal experiences with players at this level who are looking for another path in.”

Coming aboard as Founding Partner is the Murgado Automotive Group and its Bentley Jacksonville and Maserati Jacksonville dealerships, which will be the Official Automotive Sponsor of the event. They will be joined by Sqairz Golf Shoes as a second Founding Partner and Official Shoe of the tournament.

The tournament also announced COX Media Group, specifically its ActionNews programming on the CBS and FOX affiliates, will be the Official Media Partner. They will actively promote the tournament’s free admission to fans in the market. Joining also as Official Media Partners are the Jacksonville Business Journal and Ponte Vedra Recorder. Jacksonville-based, Kessler Creative is confirmed as the Official Printing Partner of the tournament, designing and producing tee signage, scoreboards, and collateral materials and providing creativity for the on-course look and feel inside the ropes.

Additionally, the tournament has designated Investing in Kids (INK!) as the event’s charitable beneficiary. A 501c3 not for profit organization, INK! raises money for notably underserved public schools in St. Johns County where World Golf Village is situated.

The PXG Women’s Match Play Championship will feature 64 female professionals who are pursuing their dream of playing on the LPGA Tour. The golfers will battle it out over two weeks in two separate, but connected, tournaments. The first week will feature a 54-hole stroke-play format on the King & Bear course, which will also seed the second week’s event, a 64-woman match play championship at Slammer & Squire. There will be no cut in the stroke-play event and all players will advance to the match play tournament. Each tournament will have its own prize purse and the winner of the match play event will also earn the title PXG Women’s Match Play Champion. In addition to the cash prize, the champion will receive the opportunity for a tour-caliber full bag fitting and equipment from PXG.

Since the company’s inception in 2014, PXG has taken a strong stance in its support of women in golf. The company lists more than a dozen exceptionally talented LPGA Tour players on its official pro roster and provides equipment to many other top-ranking female professionals. Outside the ropes, more than 20% of its global team is female, including senior level positions in marketing, manufacturing, operations, and apparel, making PXG a leader in the golf industry. As part of its Title Sponsor activation, PXG will be onsite during the event to provide Swing Sessions and fun club-in-hand experiences for players and fans alike.

Beyond tournament play, and of equal importance, the tournament will celebrate women’s initiatives by providing programming such as leadership forums, executive networking, and education. The programming is being developed and provided by Generation W, a national nonprofit founded and led by Donna Orender based in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The program’s mission embraces the guiding tenets of education, inspiration, and connection and the power of women’s leadership.

The PXG Women’s Match Championship is also a fundraiser for INK! (Investing in Kids). The INK! Charity Pro-am presented by Davidson Realty, Inc. is slated for October 25 on the King & Bear course and will feature teams of one professional player paired with three amateurs. Sherry and Jim Davidson, owners of the local development and real estate brokerage bearing their name were the original land developers of World Golf Village and have a special tie to the community and to INK!, for which Mrs. Davidson serves on its Board of Directors. The night before the Charity Pro-am will be a Meet the Players Pairings Party with a silent and live auction. The PXG Women’s Match Play Championship will also feature junior clinics and other community involvement activities for the players, who will be in the area for some 10-12 days.

Information on elevated hospitality opportunities, Pro-Am spots, tickets, key sponsorships, and volunteering is available on the tournament website at www.PXGWPC.com and by calling MediaShare Consulting Group at 904.838.4962. You may reach the Tournament Office by email at mberman@mediashareconsulting.com.

Mark D Berman
Mediashare Consulting Group, Inc.
+1 904-838-4962

Source: EIN Presswire