Now a fighter pilot with the Escadrille Spa 93, Eugene had a heart with a dagger stabbing through it and the words, “All Blood Runs Red,” painted on the side of his airplane, a Spad 7C.

Eugene Bullard in his French uniform, 1917

Eugene Bullard places flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

In the Shadow of War: Spies, Love and the Lusitania by Colleen Adair Fliedner

EUGENE JACQUES BULLARD was the only African-American pilot to fly in combat during World War I, as well as the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

This brave man who had to leave his own country to find a place where he would be accepted as an equal.”

— Colleen Adair Fliedner

SAN MATEO, CA, US, February 23, 2020 / — Not only was EUGENE JACQUES BULLARD the only African-American pilot to fly in combat during World War 1, he was the first African-American fighter pilot in history. Completing at least 20 brutal combat missions, including what were termed “dog fights in the sky,” Eugene was proud to be called the dreaded “Black Swallow of Death” by German fighter pilots.

So, how did the son of a slave, a man who was born in Georgia in 1895 during the time of the notorious Jim Crow laws, become the world’s first African-American fighter pilot?
Living in the South, Eugene James Bullard grew up constantly facing racial violence. His own father, William, was nearly lynched. Even worse, the incident was witnessed by young Eugene. His mother, a full-blooded Creek Indian, died when he only 6, leaving her 10 children to be raised by their father. It was all too much for the boy to take. Unable to cope, he ran away from home in 1906 when he was only 11 years old, wandering through the South simply trying to survive.

Alone in the world, the first known work that the youngster found was tending to the horses of a group of traveling “Gypsies” (now known as Roma people). He must have done well, for he learned to ride and later raced their horses to earn money for his employers, who had become his friends.

Still, the seventeen-year-old longed for more. Traveling around America, he had heard stories about how life was better for people of color in Europe. Eugene said goodbye to America and stowed away on a German merchant ship. The vessel made a stop in Aberdeen, Scotland, where Eugene disembarked. He made his way to London, finding work as a slapstick performer with an entertainment troupe made up of men and women of African descent. It was during this time that Eugene discovered his skills as a boxer. In fact, he was so good, he traveled to various destinations in the U.K., Germany and other countries, including Egypt. Audiences everywhere applauded the unusual man who had become something of a sensation. His fame and his fortune began to grow.

When he traveled to France for a boxing match, Eugene found the peace he had sought his entire life. African-Americans were accepted as human beings and treated fairly. France was a place where he was treated like a man, where he could have dignity and respect. Paris became his permanent home. It was a place, he wrote where, “…French democracy influenced the minds of both black and white Americans there and helped us all act like brothers.”

He was so happy in France that when World War I broke out in 1914, Eugene enlisted in the French military. He served in the 170th Infantry Regiment but was severely wounded at the bloody Battle of Verdun. He received two metals for his bravery: the Croix de Guerre and the Medaille Militaire. Recuperating at a hospital in Lyon, he decided to give himself a new challenge – to fly one of the French fighter planes. He entered the Aeronautique Miltaire in 1916 and received training at a French base in Tours earning his wings a year later.

Now a fighter pilot with the Escadrille Spa 93, Eugene had a heart with a dagger stabbing through it and the words, “All Blood Runs Red,” painted on the side of his airplane, a Spad 7C. As if he wasn’t already the most unique pilot flying for France, he had a pet monkey named Jimmy as his “copilot.” Eugene was brave and determined to prove himself. And when America finally joined the Allied forces in 1917, Eugene, who still considered himself to be an American despite his bad memories of home, attempted to sign up as a pilot for the U.S. Air Service. Sadly, he was turned down. The American military didn’t allow African-Americans to serve as fighter pilots. Discouraged, he returned to flying for France. Some sources say he had a confrontation with a French officer, while others say the U.S. military instructed the French government to remove Eugene as a pilot. What we do know is that despite his success as a pilot and the awards of honor he had received, Eugene was fired as a pilot and was sent back into the infantry for the rest of the war.

When things began to settle down in Paris, the ambitious man used his savings to open a nightclub, Le Grand Duc, an American bar he called L’Escadrille, and an athletic club. Now a successful businessman, he married a French woman, Marcelle de Straumann, who gave birth to his two daughters. For the first time, Eugene settled into a stable, yet exciting life that included meeting many rich and famous people, including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Josephine Baker.

Things changed around 1940 when the Nazis occupied Paris. German soldiers and turn-coat Frenchmen, known as the Fifth Columnists, frequented Eugene’s nightclub and bar. Because he spoke fluent French and German, he could eavesdrop on the frequently drunken discussions, sharing the information with the French counterintelligence network.

Now in his mid-40s, he enlisted as a machine gunner to fight again for France. And once again, Eugene was severely injured. His recuperation was long and difficult, and Paris was still an occupied city when he learned that the Nazis were rounding up Blacks and shipping them to concentration camps. It was time for Eugene Bullard, a national hero in France, to finally return to the United States. He had divorced his wife, but brought his daughters with him to New York, settling in Harlem. After a life of adventure, turmoil, and heroism, this amazing man disappeared from history.

That is, until Eugene had taken a job as an elevator operator at the RCA building in New York City. When his identify was finally discovered, he was interviewed on The Today Show in 1954. As a result, he was invited to France as one of three honored men to relight the flame of the Unknown Soldier in Paris. He was presented with France’s highest honor, a national Chevalier (knighthood), his fifteenth award bestowed by the French government. He returned to Harlem, where the honors continued when French President Charles De Gaulle traveled to New York City to personally meet with the hero who had done so much for France during both world wars. Eugene Bullard died in Harlem in 1961. Three decades later, the American military posthumously commissioned him into the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, has a display to honor his memory. And the McDonald-Douglas Corp. donated a bronze bust of Eugene Bullard to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

This brave man who had to leave his own country to find a place where he would be accepted as an equal. This special man who had been turned down because of his race when he applied to join the U.S. forces after America declared war on Germany in 1917. This man, Eugene J. Bullard, certainly deserves to be remembered for his many accomplishments, particularly during Black History Month. We can only hope that Eugene Bullard’s amazing story will be made into a movie. Tyler Perry? Beyoncé? Anyone?

Colleen Adair Fliedner is the author of a World War I story entitled In the Shadow of War: Spies, Love and the Lusitania, published by Sand Hill Review Press.

Tory Hartmann, Publisher
Sand Hill Review Press
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CEO Richard Gurewitsch Seeks to Expand Business Relations In Underdeveloped Countries

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — In this day in age, it seems that in order to carry out a business plan, it is essential to work with a partner that has extensive resource connections in order to make things happen. Not for Richard Gurewitsch. The serial entrepreneur has made a name out of himself by looking forward to the road less traveled and taking business into countries that might not seem as developed as they are in the western world. By partnering with Cuban affiliates, Richard Gurewitsch is a trailblazer in expanding business ties to the rest of the world.

Originally from Florida, Richard Gurewitsch started LLAMACUBA in 2010 when he noticed an opportunity as a result of the United States opening up telecommunications to Cuba. "We developed a VoIP (voice over IP) platform with discounted prices in Phone calls from [the] US to Cuba to serve a sector of the Market that have been traditionally under-deserved," said Gurewitsch noting the internationally-charged servicing reason for why he started his business in the first place. The business was a success and they were able to expand services into all parts of the country from both Europe and Latin America, giving connections to millions of households to their families in other parts of the world.
After the success of LLAMACUBA, Richard Gurewitsch continued on his international trajectory by founding HaitiPhone with the mission of serving another traditionally underserved market in Haiti. By applying the same principles in Haiti as he did in Cuba, Richard Gurewitsch was able to turn HaitiPhone into a major service provider to Haitians that needed to connect with their families residing outside of the country but needed to do so at a price that was affordable.

Thanks to the success of both of these businesses, Richard Gurewitsch is seen as a maverick CEO In all parts of the telecommunications industry in the United States and abroad. This success has spurred Gurewitsch to found his own network group that specializes in the telecommunications and virtual travel industries. With offices all over the greater Latin American and North American areas (as well as future expansion into the Spanish-speaking European market), Richard Gurewitsch is truly a CEO of the world.

With a work schedule that would include managing these large conglomerates, you would think Richard Gurewitsch would like to relax. This couldn't be farther from the case. The businessman is the true definition of a workaholic as he recently partnered with the state of Florida with his Holidays Caribe brand to offer affordable air travel rates from the United States to countries in Latin America and the Carribean.

When It comes to providing for underserved immigrant communities, Richard Gurewitsch is truly a man of the people. By expanding business relationships from the US and into the Latin American countries, expect the results of his hard work to come to fruition in the generations to come.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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OctoPlus Media & China Trading Desk Announced Joint Venture – China Data Bank

China Data Bank™

China Data Bank™

OctoPlus Media Global Limited

OctoPlus Media Global Limited

China Data Bank™ is a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers targeting China.

SINGAPORE, February 21, 2020 / — OctoPlus Media & China Trading Desk today announced they have entered into an agreement to create a premier china data solution – China Data Bank™. China Data Bank™ is an unDMP – a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government.

China Data Bank™ will focus on building partnership with various data providers across China to source the best in class data to create bespoke solution for every single advertising campaign. Initial partners for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc.

“We are pleased to announce this new joint venture for China Trading Desk, delivering on our commitment to provide unfettered access to China’s digital advertising ecosystem,” said Subramania Bhatt, Founder & CEO of China Trading Desk. “CTD & OctoPlus Media have been partnering to help our clients create innovative targeting options and niche media targeting for their campaigns & this JV is a natural extension and will strengthen both our solution offerings to our client”

“Together with CTD, we are building the most comprehensive smart audience-centric data solution you can find for China market – China Data Bank. We are happy to see it has delivered good ROI for our clients, significantly reduced ad wastage.” stated Mia Chen, Founder & CEO of OctoPlus Media. “Every data usage will be strictly following the law of China Government, with established data team in Shenzhen all data is only operated in mainland China,”

About OctoPlus Media

OctoPlus Media is an integrated marketing technology company focused on China inbound and outbound marketing. We specialize in helping branding across the world to succeed in China market, with strong focus on performance, data technology, SEO and latest tech such as AR/VR innovations. With our propriety data solution – China Data Bank™, we can help reach the right audience with best-in-class China data assets.

OctoPlus Media is also one of the pioneer agencies becoming WeChat Full Ecosystem Service Provider, providing one-stop WeChat services from social content management, ad campaigns, mini-program development to CRM solution.

OctoPlus Media Global Ltd was founded in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, New York and Singapore.

About China Trading Desk

China Trading Desk is a new kind of marketing solution company focused on China advertising & Chinese travellers. We provide accessible technology to run, monitor & report campaigns effectively & efficiently in China. With our propriety data solution – China Data Bank™, we are able to find the most accurate bespoke data for all China marketing needs. Miaozhen insights are enabled by default for all our campaigns to provide deeper understanding of the target audiences. We are not just focused on technology solution, but also human solution to manage non-technical relationships to ensure we find the right solutions/teams to help deliver effective campaigns in China.

Our other main focus is being global partner for TikTok advertisement. We are one of the few partner with ability to run integrated campaigns across any market including China. TikTok is a destination for short-form videos on mobile phones.

CTD is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


China Trading Desk Contact:
Subramania Bhatt

OctoPlus Media Contact:
Mia Chen

Mia Chen
OctoPlus Media Global Limited.
+852 55796808
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CSEO: Unique Chinese Tourists Content Marketing Strategy with SEO

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West Georgia Native & American Idol Finalist, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Returns to Mill Town Music Hall as a Headliner

Hutchinson kicks back while playing one of his favorite guitars.

The country singer-songwriter with a ‘Johnny Cash Heart’ to perform on Feb. 29

I am excited to headline at Mill Town Music Hall because it feels like home,” said Hutchinson. “I have been performing there since middle school and we are all like family.”

— Caleb Lee Hutchinson

BREMEN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Mill Town Music Hall welcomes Caleb Lee Hutchinson home for his first headlining concert at Mill Town Music Hall on Saturday, Feb. 29, at 7:30 pm EST. After becoming a finalist on ABC’s American Idol: Season 16, Hutchinson has become one of America’s fastest rising country music singers and songwriters in Nashville. His rich baritone sound has captivated audiences across the country. Another former American Idol contestant from West Georgia, Jared Sanders, will serve as the opening act. Mill Town Music Hall focuses on family-friendly music and events and is located conveniently off I-20 in Bremen (1031 Alabama Ave.).

Caleb Lee Hutchinson first made a name for himself in West Georgia by winning the ‘West Georgia Singoff’ four years in a row, from ages 13-17, that was hosted at Mill Town Music Hall. He capitalized on that popularity by performing on NBC’s The Voice, before finding great success on American Idol.

“I am excited to headline at Mill Town Music Hall because it feels like home,” said Hutchinson. “I have been performing there since middle school and we are all like family.”

Born in Dallas, Ga., Hutchinson became passionate about music at an early age. When he was only five years old, his grandmother bought a karaoke machine. He quickly fell in love with singing, especially songs by legends such as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Hutchinson’s vocals harken back through history to combine for a more cutting-edge vision of modern country music. He had several years of performing under his belt before his first major-label single, Johnny Cash Heart, which put him on the charts when he was just 19. His latest release is Just Left of Me.

Tickets for Hutchinson’s show are $35 for “Premium Reserved” and $30 for “Reserved” in advance. Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets through Tickets West at (888) 479-6300, online at or through the Mill Town Music Hall box office. For additional information, please call the box office at 770-537-6455.

Upcoming events at Mill Town Music Hall include Crystal Gayle on February 8, Clay Walker on February 15, and T. Graham Brown and Jimmy Fortune on March 7. For more information about Mill Town Music Hall or for an upcoming calendar of events, please visit, follow on Twitter @Mill_Town_Music_Hall or on Facebook.

Mill Town Music Hall can comfortably seat more than 1,000 people and features state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting systems. The venue hosts numerous Country, Pop/Rock, Bluegrass and Gospel concerts, along with other family-friendly events. The facility can also be rented for corporate events and private receptions.

# # #

About Mill Town Music Hall

Named Large Venue of the Year in 2016 by the Georgia Country Awards, Mill Town Music Hall is committed to providing West Georgia with a quality entertainment venue. Opened in Feb. 2012, it is the largest facility of its kind in West Georgia and comfortably seats 1,000 people. Featuring state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting systems, the venue hosts numerous Classic Country, Pop/Rock, Gospel and Bluegrass concerts, along with other family-friendly events. The facility can also be rented for corporate events and private receptions. The venues top sponsors include: Tanner Health System, Systems & Methods Inc. (SMI), R.K. Redding Construction, Synovus Bank, GreyStone Power Corporation, Gradick Communications, Aubrey Silvey Enterprises, West Georgia Roofing, Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, Haney Farm and Ranch and Powersports, the Coca-Cola Company, John Thornton Cadillac Buick GMC, West Georgia Technical College, and West Georgia Forklift Repair Service. Please visit for the most up to date calendar of events.

Devon Patterson
Rhythm Communications
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Get to Spinning and Winning at Tulalip Resort Casino

A New Way to Spin and Win at Tulalip Resort Casino

A New Way to Spin and Win at Tulalip Resort Casino

i-table Roulette comes to Tulalip Resort Casino on February 21, 2020

i-table Roulette comes to Tulalip Resort Casino on February 21, 2020

Tulalip Resort Casino

Tulalip Resort Casino – gaming, luxury accommodations, entertainment, and fine dining

Discover their Newest Edition with i-table Roulette on February 21, 2020

TULALIP, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Looking for something familiar but new to play with a bit of a…spin? i-table Roulette is the hottest new game that takes an old-fashioned favorite to new heights! This evolutionary step in gaming is unbelievably thrilling as it introduces electronic betting screens housed within a traditional roulette table design. Take advantage of the quick and easy to use electronic betting screen to quicken the pace for spinning and winning. You still get all the amazing interaction of working with the dealer but immediate feedback on your automated pays and takes! i-table Roulette will liven up the action by creating additional spins per hour that will take your breath away.

Tulalip has the largest variety of slots and the most cash back of any Washington casino. So, don’t miss out on your chance to get spinning and winning at Tulalip Resort Casino with their newest addition with i-table Roulette!

About Tulalip Resort Casino
Award-winning Tulalip Resort Casino is the most distinctive gaming, dining, meeting, entertainment and shopping destination in Washington State. The AAA Four-Diamond resort’s world-class amenities have ensured its place on the Condé Nast Traveler Gold and Traveler Top 100 Resorts lists. The property includes 192,000 square feet of gaming excitement; a luxury hotel featuring 370 guest rooms and suites; 30,000 square feet of premier meeting, convention and wedding space; the full-service T Spa; and eight dining venues. It also showcases the intimate Canoes Cabaret and a 3,000-seat amphitheater. Nearby, find the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve, Cabela’s and 130 designer names at the Seattle Premium Outlets. The Resort Casino is conveniently located between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. just off Interstate-5 at exit 200. It is an enterprise of the Tulalip Tribes. For reservations, please call 866.716.7162 or visit us at Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pat Amsbry
Flying A Media
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Best Things to Do in London According to Bennett Gramm Velasquez

Bennett Gramm Velasquez Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Each year, about 20 million visitors travel to London, England, to take in its history, architecture, and unique allure. London is one of Bennett Gramm Velasquez’s favorite cities in the world. Whether they want to see how the royals live, walk Abbey Road, or catch a show in West End, there’s something for everyone in London. Check out Bennett Velasquez's ultimate London list.

The Westminster Area
The Westminster area in London is known as the political center, as mentioned by Bennett Velasquez. Visitors to Westminster will have the opportunity to check out the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.

Hyde Park
According to Bennett Gramm Velasquez, no visit to London would be complete without a visit to Hyde Park, the most famous park in London without a doubt. Those who want to explore Hyde Park will be pleasantly surprised by the large bodies of water, monuments, and the swans, of course.

Travelers who want to get a break from high tea and a royal atmosphere should make a trip to the Camden neighborhood. Located in North London, Camden in a cultural epicenter for punks, Goths, and visitors. According to Bennett Velasquez, visitors must stop by Camden Market, where they will find a variety of street foods, artwork, and unique shops.

London Eye
Bennett Velasquez mentions first-time visitors looking for a great view of the city should go on the London Eye. This giant Ferris wheel has some of the best views of the city, including an up-close view of Big Ben.

Thames River Cruise
After seeing London from up high, there’s no better way to see it from a different angle than to take a cruise down the Thames River. According to Bennett Gramm Velasquez, a cruise down the Thames River, it’s an excellent chance for visitors to learn more about England’s longest river. During the cruise, the tour guide will talk about significant buildings and monuments so visitors can become more familiar with the history.

While there are many shopping areas in London, visitors must stop by Harrods for the ultimate luxury shopping (or window shopping experience), according to Bennett Velasquez. Harrods is a luxury department store that has been operating since 1824.

Platform 9 ¾
According to Bennett Velasquez, diehard Harry Potter fans must make the pilgrimage to platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross station.

Bennett Gramm Velasquez is a young traveler who has visited England, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Colorado, France, Hawaii, and many other places. Bennett Velasquez hopes to inspire others to travel the world.

Caroline Hunter
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Ultrasona: The Ultrasonic Cleaning Gadget Breaks $20,000 in First Day of Crowdfunding

Ultrasona can clean anything! If you can put it in water, Ultrasona can clean it.

Ultrasona is perfect for travel. Clean for free while you’re on the go!

Ultrasona can even remove harmful pesticides from your fruits and vegetables

Ultrasona is a hand-held cleaning device that cleans 99.9% of dirt, grime, stains, and bacteria off of clothing and other objects via the power of sound waves.

We’re giving people the opportunity to clean their things in a way that’s more sustainable and efficient even for the most delicate fabrics and objects.”

— Ultrasona

CENTRAL, HONG KONG, February 21, 2020 / — Achieving a lasting clean from stained or scuffed clothing, jewelry, shoes, tools, and more has remained an elusive problem. Washing machines and chemical cleaners have their limits and can cause damage to your things and the environment.

Ultrasonic technology is a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient way to clean. Until recently, this technology has only been used in the medical and industrial fields. But now, one company is bringing this technology into the home.

Ultrasona is a miniature ultrasonic cleaner that uses sound waves to eliminate 99.9% of germs, dirt, stains, and more from your things. It can be used to clean clothing, dishes, jewelry, shoes, tools, hygiene products like razors and makeup brushes, baby products, toys, and more. It’s also an effective cleaner of fresh produce, rendering fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and contaminants.

Ultrasona launched this week on Kickstarter to an historic first day of funding, breaching $20,000 in just a few hours. The enthusiasm that backers are showing towards this cleaning device suggests a bright future for Ultrasona and ultrasonic cleaning in general. “We’ve been cleaning the same way for generations—scalding water, spinning wheels, and chemicals—even though these things are not good for our belongings or the planet,” says a founder of Ultrasonsa. “We’re giving people the opportunity to clean their things in a way that’s more sustainable and efficient even for the most delicate fabrics and objects.” Ultrasona is now accepting backers at

Ultrasona is safe and easy to use. Just place it in a basin of water (such as a sink) with the object(s) that need to be cleaned, and turn it on. It cleans in minutes and even has preset options for cleaning clothing, jewelry, and produce.

The ultrasonic device never actually touches what it cleans. Instead, it reverberates 50,000 ultrasonic waves per second through water. The scientific term for its cleaning power is called cavitation. Ultrasona’s sonic vibrations create microscopic bubbles that cling to anything in their path. When the bubbles burst, they release mini shockwaves that destroy all microbial life in their vicinity. This is how Ultrasona achieves a microscopic clean, lifting the toughest stains as well as harmful bacteria from the hardest to reach places.

Ultrasona is safe for the whole family to use and can clean even the most delicate linens without risk of damage. Its compact design makes it ideal for busy families, travelers, and students.

The benefits of Ultrasona go beyond just cleaning. The device uses 40x less water and 15x less energy than standard washing, saving families on monthly bills while reducing their carbon footprint. The device is also produced with sustainable materials and fair manufacturing practices.

Additional innovations of Ultrasona include:

• Hands-free cleaning: Ultrasona cleans without the need for scrubbing or scraping.
• Whisper-quiet: Ultrasona’s sound waves are powerful but barely audible.
• Versatile: Clean anything you can put into a basin of water.

Learn more about the power of Ultrasona and ultrasonic cleaning and become a backer today at

About Ultrasona

Ultrasona was developed in San Francisco and Hong Kong by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists with decades of combined experience in the field of ultrasonic technology. Having seen the benefits of this tech in factories and hospitals, they became convinced that ultrasonic cleaning was also the future of cleaning in the home. So, they set to work developing a simplified, hand-held ultrasonic gadget that was safe, effective, and easy to use.

Since 2016, versions of the technology used in Ultrasona have been released by the Ultrasona team to industrial and enterprise partners. The new device, named Ultrasona is made for everyday consumers in mind. It is ultra-portable, boosts the power and effectiveness of the original designs, while adding convenient cleaning presets to prevent second-guessing.

The Ultrasona team is proud to be among the top global innovators. They are dedicated to creating real solutions that promote well-being and sustainable living. With the success of Ultrasona on Kickstarter, the team is excited to expand the use of ultrasonic technology to more customers.

Find Ultrasona now on Early-bird perks are still available to backers for a limited time.

Audrey Kennedy
Ultrasona Cleaner
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Ultrasona: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

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Park Hyatt Siem Reap Celebrates the Celestial Muses of Cambodia

Apsara Dancers at Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Apsara Dancers at Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Apsara Dancer

Apsara Dancer

The Dining Room Restaurant

The Dining Room at Park Hyatt Siem Reap

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA, February 20, 2020 / — Witness the celestial grace and beauty of the Apsara at a five-star luxury hotel in Siem Reap.

Intertwined with Cambodian history and culture, the Apsaras are revered as female celestial beings. Blessed with beauty and an unparalleled gracefulness, these muses embody the pleasure of the senses and of the spirit.

In ancient times, it was considered the highest privilege to see the Apsaras perform their enchanting dance, as it was solely done for rituals at the royal place for kings. The dance performed by the Apsaras is an intricate art form consisting of 1,500 hand movements; the dance relates to ancient Cambodian legends.

Each movement of the fingers of the Apsaras has its own distinct meaning, from worshipping the spirits of nature by depicting a flower in bloom to referencing one of the hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist legends.

Often referred to as the Cambodian ballet, to learn the dance takes dedication an unrivaled patience, dancers diligently practice for six years to fully master the art form, which makes them look like they are floating on clouds as they do their enchanting performances.

Apsara dancing is held in high esteem in Cambodia. Evidence of this intricate dance can be seen etched into the walls of ancient temples, where Asparas have been immortalized in stone.

Extending back to the 7th century, Apsara dancing originates from Cambodia’s Hindu and Buddhist mythology. In line with this mythology, these beings are elegant female creatures that visit Earth from heaven to entertain both gods and kings with their magnificent dance. Cambodian legends says that the celestial beings were born from the Churning of the Ocean of Milk, a Hindu creation myth that can be admired in a bas relief panel at Angkor Wat.

Identified by their elaborate costumes of stunning silk clothing, jeweled headdresses and precious necklaces, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, the Apsaras are meant to entice with their ethereal beauty. These days new life has been breathed into the ancient art form, as the talented dancers put on shows across the country.

Park Hyatt Siem Reap, a luxury hotel in the heart of the city, has a free cultural show with Apsara dancing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM at The Dining Room. To learn more about this luxury Siem Reap hotel, visit

About Park Hyatt Siem Reap – Park Hyatt Siem Reap is a luxury hotel in Siem Reap that embraces guests with comfort and opulence in each of its 104 luxurious, elegant and spacious rooms and suites. A luxurious home away from home that is strategically located in the heart of the city center, this stylish contemporary retreat adorned with Cambodian art is near the airport, the renowned 12th century ruins of Angkor Wat temple and just a five-minute leisurely walk to the local nightlife scene, Siem Reap Pub Street. Guests are welcomed by warm and inviting five-star service and world-class hospitality. It features sumptuous French and authentic Cambodian food at The Dining Room, refreshing drinks at The Living Room and a delectable array of desserts and light fare at The Glasshouse deli-patisserie. For utmost relaxation and rejuvenation, the hotel has two stunning swimming pools and a selection of invigorating massages and treatments at The Spa. For more information, please visit Follow Park Hyatt Siem Reap on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter and tag photos with #ParkHyattSiemReap and #LuxuryIsPersonal.
About Park Hyatt – Park Hyatt hotels provide discerning, affluent business and leisure guests with elegant and luxurious accommodation and offers them highly attentive personal service in an intimate environment. Located in several of the world’s premier destinations, each Park Hyatt hotel is custom designed to combine sophistication with a distinctive regional character. Park Hyatt hotels feature well-appointed guestrooms, meeting and special event space for groups, critically acclaimed art, food and beverage programs, and signature restaurants featuring award-winning chefs.

Aleah Alam
Park Hyatt Siem Reap
+855 95 555 163
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Sir Adam Hotel: First Green Globe Certification

Sir Adam Hotel

Green Globe awarded Sir Adam Hotel in North Amsterdam its inaugural certification in November last year.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — The one-of-a-kind Sir Adam occupies the first 8 floors of the A’DAM Tower where guest rooms have unparalleled views of the city. As a nod to the surrounding creative community, the hotel’s design incorporates musical details and art throughout.

Green Globe awarded Sir Adam Hotel in North Amsterdam its inaugural certification in November last year.

Building Design and Construction

The hotel building, formerly the old Royal Dutch Shell, was designed in 1966. The construction of the hotel used 5000 tons of recycled concrete from the old Shell tower. Now the tower houses the Sir Adam Hotel and is also home to Sony Music Entertainment, ID&T, MassiveMusic and Gibson as well as the A’DAM Music School. Great eclectic interiors give rooms a nice quirky touch where you can still glimpse what was once an office setting.

To conserve energy, the building features a green roof, triple pane windows and a climate control system which is water based with no reliance on refrigerants and there is no separate air conditioning. Two high-efficiency boilers are in use and the majority of lighting is LED.

Support Local Community Development

The hotel sponsons the A’DAM Music School, a non-profit organization located in the A’DAM Tower that was established in 2015 by music masters Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T), Sander Groet (AIR), Hans Brouwer (MassiveMusic) and Eric-Jan de Rooij (Lingotto). The organization aims to provide music education to both young and old students who cannot afford to learn.

To support regional businesses, the hotel works in collaboration with X BANK to run a shop that promotes locally produced arts, crafts and clothing. X BANK is a boutique, gallery and event space for emerging and established talent in Dutch art, fashion and design. Amsterdam Bracelets are also available for purchase to assist the Emma Children’s Hospital.

Environmental Initiatives

To support its sustainability vision for the future, the hotel organises various events through its Sir Cares Projects. In May 2019, during ‘Spring Cleaning Month’ at the property, Sir Cares sponsored the Plastic Whale Foundation to encourage employees to participate in a boat tour through Amsterdam's canals where they helped fish out plastic waste from the canal waters. Other initiatives to reduce environmental impacts include the sale of Marie Stella Maris water at the hotel. Part of the proceeds from each bottle sold is contributed toward clean drinking water projects.

Eco-friendly Transportation

Cycling is actively promoted as a green transportation option to guests and Sir Adam has 12 bikes available. For those seeking a quiet trip – the Front Desk team can explain how to take the ferry to the city with suggestions on cycling routes winding through the less crowded parts of the city. Front Desk staff can also recommend the best walking routes for guests wishing to visit the busy, central CBD area that is much trickier to navigate on a bicycle. E-bikes and boutique e-boats are other options available for hire.

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About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit

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Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket Sets 2020 Targets to Minimize Eco-footprint

Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket

Green Globe recently recertified Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket.

Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket blends the best of classic Thai and contemporary design. Bright and breezy residences offer living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchens and oversized balconies for an ultimate experience of bliss.

Green Globe recently recertified Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket with the property receiving a commendable compliance score of 89%

Michael Wenk, Managing Director at the resort said,” For the past 8 years we have been continuously reinforcing our commitment towards environmental conservation as we believe we must account for the support and protection of our community and our environment. We are actively introducing innovative technological measures to help reduce our eco-footprint and preserve our fragile ecosystem.”

Sustainable initiatives at the property focus on key areas of energy, food and waste reduction strategies.

Recycling: 100% Recycled Waste in 2020

In 2019, Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket increased its property wide commitment toward recycling efforts through holding staff training sessions that incorporated real-life exposure to the negative effects of mismanaged waste on the local Phuket environment. The multi-disciplinary training, conducted by an environmental foundation, consisted of a visual power point presentation followed by site inspections to both a local water canal and a national park. Located immediately in front of the entrance of the park was a highly polluted water stream severely affected by nearby construction that was black in colour. The training concluded by contrasting these adverse effects with an initiative situated a few hundred meters further inside the national park that focuses on the preservation of the natural habitat of sea turtles.

Witnessing firsthand both the positive and negative impacts that humans can have on the environment and their direct results is particularly significant to employees, the majority of whom are local residents of the small island. The effectiveness of the workshops was reflected in all hotel departments recycling more than 144 kg of plastic bottles, 1,200 kg of glass bottles and 36 kg of aluminium cans, a marked contrast in comparison to figures from the previous year.

The resort sorts and recycles various materials including plastic, paper/cardboard, glass bottles, aluminum, toners, batteries as well as food waste. Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket will continue to identify any additional items and hold regular sustainability training for team members in efforts to better manage all recyclable waste.

Waste: 30% Food Waste Reduction in 2020

Waste volume is recorded and monitored regularly on a monthly basis while paper, plastic and food waste at the property is recorded daily. In line with the resort’s waste management procedures, when waste is weighed daily employees are directly confronted with the amount of waste being generated through hotel operations. This is intentionally done to raise awareness and convey the message more effectively. Since implementing a Food Waste Policy, the property has managed to reduce its average food waste from 145 kg to 107 kg per month. In the past 7 months, a total of 266 kg less food waste was generated. The resort aims to decrease food waste by 30% this year.

Electricity Consumption: 20% less electricity in rooms in 2020

New operating procedures where electrical consumption is monitored, analysed and reviewed daily by the management team has been introduced. This has enabled the resort to reduce its electrical usage from 57.12 kwh to 52.14 kwh per guest night. This is a decrease of 8.7% in energy consumption per guest night. The resort’s target this year is to reduce electricity usage in guest rooms by 20%.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


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